Created: 3/14/1994

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Africa Brief

RPF Patience Om-lm Thin

rebel Tutu Rwandan Patriotic frontncreaaJagly impatient with whatas Hutu President Habyanmana'i manipulation of3 peace accord*.to return to war If progress it not made loward forming agovernroer.tyet another scheduled

swearingm of rhc acw government was scrubbed in late February. senior RPF leaders left Kiga'i protesting thai HabyatTmnna aai instigating violence to disrupt rhc political transition RwtMani accused him of bring behind the killings in February of* moderate Hutu politician dial led lo the ubaeqnenl revenge murderardline Hunesurgence in ethnic violence.

The UN, whichun monitoring mission in Rwanda, has criticizedfor stalling on ethnic reconciliation.the UN

attalion of troops for patrols in Kigali and established five-person intervention teams to respond to emergency situations in the capital. In December, the RPFan contingent to Kigali to guard RPF leaders panicipaiing ia tbe multiethnic coalition government.

A resumption in fighting is likely if Ihe transitional government is further delayed. For now. the RPFbe content, wilh warning the international commonity of iu) intentions to force the government's hand Tha rebels may of* to contmue patrolling Use demililarired lOac. for eiarople. in hopes of gaining concessions front the government Hardline etc menu in the RPF. however, still probablyto press for rro bury action Unless Habyajimm makes concession* to the RPF by engaging them in plain for the inttaBabon of the new government snd quells acctssaoona that his party is undermining the peace accord, the rebel* are likely to resume fighttng in the detralttanred tone UN troops presence in the capital will probably deter the RPF from initiating military action there, but the presenceebel troops increases the opportunities for renewed fighting between the two sides. B

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