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Libya: Returning lo Terrorism (

Libya may be resuming terrorism for tbe first lime since the indictments of two Libyan1 for bombing Pan. Our judgment is mvdc on the basis

Jand Tripoli Varobable abduction onecemberrominent Libyan oppositionist In Egypt. Qadhafi's terrorist-related ac-ihism appears to hue been spurred byrecent

"^aaaaa! cipimion UN economichave raisedquestions about his hold on power. The risk that fa* will strike at the Unitedresponse to his difficulties is accentuated by fail

over recent USwith libyatt oppositionists.

Qadhafi Considering Terrorism

Past reporting has indicated that Qadhafi would

resume terrorism if he believed external actors woe

taking actions that would threaten his regime's

available evidence suggests that Qadhafi'sabducted prominent Libyan dissident Hansur Kikhia In early December. Ktkhlasn the heels

indicate Libyan leader Qadhafi I, intent on reaTtlvai-ingongstanding program to elmifoteLibyan exiles. (


Cairo onovember toeeting ofOrganization for HumanJafterward visited family members inreturned to Cairo to meet hisII December and planned to departthe next day. Kikhia failed to meet hispersuaded the hotel management to allowKikhta's room onecember. Kikhiabut his possessions remained, includimfor

Tripoli's short list for assassination.

There is strong circumstantial evidence thai the Libyan Government abducted Kikhia. who was once Libya's Foreign Minister and has long been on

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