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ITS: Director of Central PTIAB DiaruaalOD Of OXCART Ph-ee-out

X. Tale mesaaraadum la far raw laformatloa only.

V. Tbe following points are considered appropriate for uae la your asset lag vith ptiab on tha oxcart

phase-out Ianno.

oxcart vehicle taaateffectively la thirteen alsaloaaflat assa aad thus la areliable

r.connaissanoe capsbllitr.

la difficult to stake abetween oxcart aadvara designed for two differentwo-Ran aircraft builtpoet atrlka racoanalsaaace purposes,OXCART vaa designed fer the type afla aov flying.

o. The OXCART baa more, aad, va believe batter, Jaaatlag aqul patent aboardor eases its chanaea of aurvlvalefended area.

d. Tha oxcart cases ra ays teat least telie aa such area par flightile swath vldthiles for thaad laround resolution capability of justoot. Tha figures quoted forchievement to data are on tha order of two feet.

f /


*. The OXCART aa* SB Inherent altitude advaatag* over ta*hich laactor la It* ability to survive over denied *roaa.

a. In addition to these technical factors you

aay visa to at*atloa too difference la wae of a

llttarr aircraft e aircraft,ecognise thia la aa arguaeat which Is difficult to aaa* and any aot be desirable to rata*. o fool that the type of eosenaad controlec If lcalljr that It is literally controlled froa Headquarter* and notield ooaawaaator, ia important bat of course it amy b* contended that such control could boover the

4. a* to tho financial altuatlon, W* have Indicated that w* could operate for the reaaladar of FT IBs* for aa additionalll Ilea exilian. Alao, it amy be wall to aorte that wo believe we eoald operateontinning baalaoat of aboot aftear, although that figure weald vary aoaewhat yearrr depending oatc. ff* bav* jaat completed our flrat out costing for tb* threeextension discussed at KXCOM and by raally tlght*alng our belts w* think a* can got by for soaethiag under lft Billion, Tho figure wo are proposing to aubalt to Dr. Plasft alllloa.

CARL DUCXXR Deputy Director for

Science and Technology


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