Created: 8/28/1967

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Egyptian Ballistic Mlssllo Program Suspended: About mid-Juno, apparentlyirect result of military dofoat, the Egyptian Government suspended the short-range Conqueror ballistic missile program. The purpose of the suspension was toinancial, technical and managerial review. Tho Victor ballistic missile program had been cancelled in May.

Tho program director, Brigadier Isam al-Din Mahmud Khalil, was involuntarily retired. Although Khalil was not involved In tho recent fighting, the fact that he was an Air Force general and heavily Involvedloundering missile program, probably resulted In his inclusion in tho purge of general officers in June. Khalil was one of the few moro capable Egyptians involvod In tho program and will be difficult to replace. Over-all responsibility for the ballistic missile program now resides in General Diya al-Din Taha, head of the General Aoro Organization.

The cancellation of the Victor program was the result not only of dovolopment difficulties but of tbe missile's marginal military value. (The Victor couldb payload toa with very poor accuracy.) Abouttatic and flight tests of the Victor had been made before cancellation of the program. Tweuty-two static tests were made during tho last two years butew flight tests are believed to have occurred, the last in Thoso tests roportodly supplied some useful information for the development of tho larger Conqueror because of its similarity in design.

Coincident with the cancellation of the Victor program, the Conquoror program was placedrash basis. Six to eight Conquerors were to bo constructed and fired during August. Only two were completed by the time fighting startod. Construction stopped at that time and there has probably been very little activity slnco. The missile plant.t Heliopolls, was closed at the start of hostilities, but suffered no damage.

The current review of the Conqueror program will probably resultut-back of the program's pace for some time, with work being continued only in the critical areas of development. The program could be placed in caretaker status but it is unlikely that it will be abandoned entirely.

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