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The bombing of the Doumcr Bridge across the Red River. pilots onas very accurate and tho bridgo will never be able to carry either heavy rail or truck traffic without major reconstruction. While the dropping of one spaneters from the Gia Lam District was important, the crucial damage was done to the structure Itself by the impact of at least three high explosive bombs hitting on the remainder of the bridge leading to Hanoi City. The impact of tho explosions loosened or broke large rivets that are vital to the structural design of the bridge and completely dislodged many of the braces where the spans are connected.

After the raid oneavy smoke and fire were noted northeast of the city of Hanoi in the direction of the Yen Vien Railyard for at least three hours. On the Augustaid, one bomb either hit or hit near the East German Hospital and killed one Vietnamese doctor. Another bomb fell one block south of the French Delegation and the Impact shattered glass in unspecified buildings of the French compound. . aircraft was destroyedissile and the plane was seen falling in the Gia Lam District.

In the late afternoon oft took members of tho International Control Commission, who had priority, between three and four hours to get from Hanoi City to Gia Lam by crossing tho Red River by ferry, because of extremely heavy traffic. Only two ferries are operating and they can accommodate six to eight vehicles, depending on the size of the vehicles. The ferries are towed b, small boats.

Onost of Hanoi Ciy and all of Gia Lam District were blacked out. On the Hanoi side, there



wereew lights in the Hai Ba District and no lights in the area surrounding the train station. ew scattered lights were seen along the Red River bank close to the Doumer Bridge on the Hanoi side. Gia Lam Airport was lighted.

Oneither the Pont des Rapides Bridge across the Canal nor the recently-constructed metal bridgeeters south was operating. One span of the new metal bridge wae knocked out and dropped into the river. Immediately north of the Pont des Rapides thereontoon bypass which can probably support light trucks.


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