Created: 9/4/1967

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QfflCE OF IHt director


MEMORANDUM FOR: Tho Honorable Walt W. Rostow

Spoclal Assistant to the President, The White House


Vanuxom's Comment* to

Ambassador Lodge

Saigon Embaaey7 (NoDU)

B. Saigon Embassy8 (NoDU)

eneral Vanuxem was ono of Marshal do Lattre's most dashing and colorful young colonels andreat military name for himself during the Franco-Viec Mlnh War, principally as the commandor of Groupperating in the Rod Riverine military officer, he is not noted for political sophistication. He le bitterly anti tie Gaulle and bolioved to have had tios with tho OAS.

Z. On the rice issue, China has and continues tc *upply North Vietnam with rice. In recent years China has boor, tho major source of North Vietnam's rlco imports. The full extent of such deliveries Irvthe past and at present le not Unown--only sketchy material le available on seaborne and rail cargoos from China to Northm. It is possible that transport disruptions and other activities associated with the cultural revolution have upset delivery timetable* cr reduced deliveries. Chineso exports elsewhere, however, have been affected very Uttle.

3. This year wo havetriking increase in North Vietnam's import of foodstuffs from Communist counrrie t. During the first half7ons was delivered, compared0 tons In tho first halff China has reduced its rice shipments, other Communist countrloe may be malting up for such losses by growing deliveries of other grains and foods. Tmpcris, however, sre only a



small part of food supplies In North Vietnam. Food allocationa In orth Vietnam do not appoar to havo bean cut in rocent months. Reports indicate, however, the substitution, of other grains for part of the rice ration. We have received no unusual reports of food eficiencies in North VUtnam,

ven if Vanuxem couldhree division force of Fronch Morconarlos, which wo doubt, it would be hard toilitary unit whooo introduction into the Vietnam conflict would have more ui'Jcrttuiate political consequoncos. Any US employment of French mer-cw'-iarles wouldropaganda windfall of major proportions for Hanoi auc would be an act our South Vietnamese allies would almost csitaiiuy consider politically unaccepabie.

significant land invasion of North Vietnam wouldthe risk of direct Chineso intervention in thewith major ground forces.

short, wo are very much in etccord with Ambassadoras expressed in

George A. Carver, Jr. facial Assistant for Vletnarnese Affairs

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