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. troops blockaded the NVN coast and used long-range cannon to fire at coastal zones, especially in the demilitarized zone, and although VC/NVA forces were continually bombarded, their soldiers captured. prisoners in the battle of GIO LINH. Many high-ranking pilots from well-to do families were oaptured. Their relatives wrote the NVN authorities promising compensation if the people would treat their children correctly. The NVN Governmentthat. prisonors wore precious oaptlves and spent arge amount of money to'food thorn. All prisoners fromINH battlo wero sent to the AU PHI Agricultural Site where they met prisoners from the French amy who had requested to remain in the north when the French withdrew from" NVN-

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Inource overheard the following conversation between the commander of Battalion, and the political officer, NINH. NINH worried about. troops blockading the coast snd using long-range cannon to fire at coastal zones controlled by the VC, especially in tbe demilitarizedut was proud of the fact that although VC/NVA forcea wore continually bombarded, tbe soldiers captured. prisoners in tho battle of GIO LINH. Moreover, in the north, the number. pilots captured was Increasing. MINH thought that. uovemment would gotailspln" because of the number of pilots captured who were high-ranking officers and who camo from well-to do families. Soto American families wrote to tho NVN authorities promising to pay compensation for roads and bridges destroyed of the NVN regime would protect the American fliers. . prisoners were considered to be precious captives and the KVU Oovemaentarge amount of money to feed thea. Their food ration- was about three times thatVN field grade officer's ration which was about two NVNay.

All prisoners fromINK battle were centralized in SON TAT Poovlnoo and sent to the AU PHI (Afro-European) Agricultural Site. There they made Trionds with French prisoners who remained ln NVN after the French withdrawal. The French prisoners were from the French army and had requests! to reaiain in the north. arge number of them woro married to NVN women and earned their living by planting tea, coffee, and tobacco, and by raising animals at the agricultural site. The AU PHI Agricultural Site was locited near XTM DAI Village, TUNG THIEN District, about eight kilometers southwest Of SON TAT City.

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