Created: 8/31/1967

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diaeusaed the problem of. prisoners with his unitofficer Lieutenant CHU in During7 VC Regiment CUU UB operating in AN XKA Hamlet (northwest of CON THIS*IO LONG District, THUA THIEX Province, had captured about. prieoners. CUU IXXi Regiment transferred tho prisoners to the rear base. At the time of prisonerumber. aircraft had bombed the rear baseaboutrieoners. The remaining seven prisoners were sent north by the CUU LONG Regiment.

The political officer describedrisoners as very courageous aa Indicated by their1 refusal to obey the VC escort order to move. .

risoners believed they belonged to tho biggest army of the world and thero-ore had no reason to feel defeatedmall country like Vietnam. The VC understood thia complex and instructed their soldiers to carry the POW's If necessary. The heavy set of an American necessitated four VC soldlors to carry one POW. . prisoners did execute the other orders to drop weapons, to put their hands on their heads and to allow the VC soldiers to search thea. The VC soldiers were Instructed not to kill or seriously threaten the prisoners because all of them were very precious. If an American FOW was wounded, he was to be given medical care before being evacuated and also be given the food available at the VC unit. Each was later issued three meters of rope with which to tie the POW's.

While in battle the unit must try to capture prisoners. If theyattle but captured no FOW's they were coneiderred not to have achieved their requl-remonte. RegimentSource's) had not captured any prieoners.

While Source's unit was at QUIET THANO Aprlcultural Site inuad was issued about three shoots of printed English lessons for possible uao ln combat in SVN. The looson consisted of about ten short conversation English sentences with Vietnamese phonetics printed alongside for easy practice. Source said that they had no help in learning pronunciation but simplyby themselves. The sentences consisted of orders suchPut down yourHandsnd "Turn off your radio."



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