Created: 1/1/1968

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(Highlander) Program:

Eighteen highlander par ami litary teams (averagingen per team) completed training and departed for flvo central Vietnam provinces where each team will be assigned selected districts.

Twenty-one intelligence officers for highlander net began operations inistricts of fiveprovinces.

Reconstruction Operations:

Ho significant change.



rsrs [CI

in area ana prepared one ambush. Friendly losses, one killed, four wounded. Ambush dispersed by attack of CLA3 unit. CLAS unit emmmmmj boohy trapping trail BooDy tFap^xploded by pursuing enomy force withininutes after trap prepared. CLAS unit heard screams and cries of enemy wounded.


* a

commissioner of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) and other ranking CIO officers are planning to separate counter intelligence and ccenBunist penetration functions of the NPSS and to assign these functions to the Domesticand Counter Espionage Service (DICS) . The DICS has boon previously identified as the Domestic Intelligence Service (DIS). lose workingbetween the DIC8 and the CIO is planned with the DICS relying upon the police at tho village level to supply operational leads and logistical support.

Planning initiated with the DICS forof unite to concentrate upon identification and location of Viet Cong bands interrupting main highways, to provide targets for attack by regular military units.

a through 1: Ho significant change:

2 through 6: No significant change.

7. Other activities:

Sigh levels of GVH discussed centralization offor the atrateglc hamlet program, possibly hy lnterministerlal committee.

rs (S)

Eight civic-action ministry Instructors completod six-woek off-shore paramilitary and intelligence course. Returned Saigon and beginning instruction of civic action team members.

Class ofivic-action team members, includingoung women, bogan six-week paramilitary training course near Da Nang (Tourane), which will stresstactics related to organization of strategic hamlots.

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