Created: 1/16/1968

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SUBJECT : Saigon Viait



results of ar/ Saigon trip axe summarized as follows:

certain delays occur in aovlng both FX supplies and APO aallthere is no evident need or intent to contract for supplemental It is possible, however, that United use of contract airlift sayif available,all basis. There is interestatterAmerica detailing what services ara (or can be nde) available on It iaroposal in the formraft contract beto:

Victor P. Blair Chief

PACEX Procurement Office-Vietnam APO San3

It ia also raccamended that we make our offer as broad as possible to cover the different aircraft available so thatall is made waetter chance of satisfying the requirement,If not with the specific aircraft requested,ype tbat is available.

Air EVAC" has also baan Indicatedieli where Air Anerlcamight be used if availableall basis. The 7th Air Forceto provide such airlift. The beat planning and priormake it extremely difficult to aaat tbe constantly changingit is believed that seas use of Air America airlift will be made ifcan be accomplishedall contract and we can demonstrateto enst this category requirement. Programs now underway tocivilian hospitals in South Vietnam for which the 7th Air Force isto provide medical air encuation support aay provide thato participate. all contract has been suggssted and it laa proposal be submitted to:

Brigadier General Henry A. Rasmuesen

Assistant Chief of Staff JU

U. S. Military Assistance Cccanand-Vietnam


opy to:

Commanding General

7th Air Force


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3. lthough Internal 'Tobleca and reorganization make it difficult to accurately determine whether or not AVN is sufficiently Interested to enterontract with CAT for additional airlift, they expressed interest In the proposal we submitted to them to provide, operate andC-4'a. They also expressed interest ln DC6 type aircraftimilar basis. The proposal was submitted to Mr. Nguyen Tan Trung, AVN General Manager, who advised he would discuss it with those concerned and ask AVN official, Mr.ember of the South Vietnam Economic Mission scheduled to be in Taipei this week, to discuss the subject with ua during his stay.

It is believed that AVN interest in DC6 type aircraft is more likely toahanaill provide greater flexibility to

meet their requirementa. Furthermore, there is considerable pressure from the Vietnamese Government for AVN to upgrade passenger services to either Jet or Jet prop service. The first AVNs already operating Saigon-Danang-Hue shuttles am Kr. Trung advised there ia strong pressure free the VNAF prompting the purchase of one or two Eloctras to upgrade service to/from airfields which theannot use. Dalat was specifically mentioned due to the many VIP's using the service now aceoopliahed withnd XLH have each offered Electras0 each.)

It isCC6 be re-registered and assigned to Bookllft and we gotlate with AVN to provide them onef their interest continues.

Var M. Green

cc: 7PFCA


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