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president's party gains

philippine elections

Nacionalista Party of President Marcos has won sweeping victories in thoeT.BULlwnr, an unexpectedcnt__that should strengthen prospects for re-election

Nacionalista candidates have captured six of the eight Senate seats being contested, aa UVtfT two ih-.rflt of the. na-tion's governorships, taayoral-ties, ano other localro-administration independentiberal took the remaining two Senate seats.

Liberal pcnjg.noshowing was a'thea Jurist governor, isODDonf'nt of Marcosnow regarded ,ts tuturcmaterial. Hisbeing challenged in theCourt on technicalalso failed to blockof the of Manila.whose'>.u'.:ng the US.

His opponent had been personally chosen and vigorously supported by the President.

Marcos will now have nominal control of the Senate, but the progress of his economic programs

will depend in part on histo enforce party discipline. Philippine politicians frequently cross "parFy"lines for personal advancement, ionalifttd& last Janu-ary threw control of the Senate -to the Liberals. It alsoto be seen whetherwill have any greater success in overcoming the Senate'sopposition to economic reforms.

The Kacionalistas' gains in the provinces may well prove more significant than the senatorial victories. Marcos increased local control will give him greater leverage indevelopment projects.

in mustering sui

Marcos spent far more" effort campaigning for provincialthan for the Senatewho -are elected at large.

Election day was ^enerally^-peaceful after theiolence of the campaigns'. The Election Commission, however, has come under severe criticism for inetricient voter. Possibly ten percent of the electorate wasin the general confusionf drawing up new voter


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