Created: 1/10/1968

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COwWIY Bolivia

JVMC* Thr**t* CO Barrlcnco* BoaIm


so PAGU bwihcu

Though Frosldrnteassacaaiura

of papular *upperc. And hi* tucc**aful "civicu* rrill* progron* have earned bioh* stability of hi* ragLawon hi* closeithltcary. In addition to the oiUcary. eve

power Institutions exlet in th* countryha aducaclonnl *cruetur* *nd

organisedul effort toBorrtento*ov* th* support of on* or oor* ofower institution*.

7, Thearties ** aucfc cannot challenge th* At best* thry con only Comlll*nca* to aupport or Ttpreeent on* of th*

power institutions* Any suchoalition wtUo toch* support ofender mi InIn

P*ru< nny adhcronc* In La fat. Includingraed civilian

sltltlo. To depos* Barrlentos,n ally the rPR vlch ch* Folenge. Cheorty of Bolivia, ch* Trocahy-it# Revolutionary worker* Farcy, leftist unlver*lty org*nli*clon* nnd dl*mld*nt labor group*,

particularly Ch* textile vorkera,

Or&anlied labor, having ch* eost grievances, can he pcrcuaded no*tBorrlenteo. Ittltl *et*rclng fromeat* sufferedarrlrnto* suppressed Che disorder* at tha aloe* wich&lltcory force. tly, taborussingvlento* refuted to grant payn tho nationalised Bines endy unneaded worker*.

The group nose likely to challenge Barrlentos la th* volatile stelengo of university students ond professors. Organised nstlonally. acvd*nt*radition of supporting idealistic end patriotic causae. Thoy are eulehly inflnned byootloncl *po*ch and esslly pur-wsdtd to toko to th*p*rk ofn on*ir* whichp* th* country.

*. Student leadership la onti-Barrlento* and entl*VS beceue* the US aupporte Barrlentos. It Is Leftist and beeontng oor* so. Conservative students arc convinced that Borrlentos is surrtptltiouily supporting th* election of pronlnantin ch* student organisations for hi* own devious end Roving attslned suprewy ever labor and broken tb* bock of ths guerrilla


* eet* vhlthMa auth public favorberrienta*reparing te aaaauit th*f ecpoaltlea. Ue Ta arrpsrc tha war* haaint thi atudeiu leaderablp In radically leUlet colore and alien thiaip with tha dleeradlted guerrilla*. *

tt Tattyee**ot* and labor have agreed in writing to aupport aech other In oaaiog deatnd* oa tha government. halack eehaolon, and labor la en*etl**lj> controlled by tho aUUtary, only tho unlvtrelty group* can giv* voice ta deaaade tor nora aoelal banaflt*.. oat larrtoatoa la unable to provide Inateaeed benefit* at tht* tiao. led of *tud*nt protc*t* occur* la eupport ot lncre**ed benefice, and it the proteat* ara led by preaiiaeat leftla: etudea;arrlcoiee vlll undoubtedly uae the occaeleo totroy to* lailoeooe mt the edafOtloeval


r, a da Kedloa le larrleotee* triad paloa hand II a* the uaiireraUy power etroeture. In addition totaer, via*oliticaleaoer af lerrteatoe'ortfolio.

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