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SttUSCTi fJYJL, Corard


1. Gerard PJrX is on thsf the Ji.stltule of PolicyUoaoorwife

f 3 issue of Scleotlflo Aaerlcai carries an adfor CI* which elates that ths Agency has careerphysicists, chuiiiti, etc. and that inquiry should be nade toR.h*ashington,

Inforaatioi received froo the FBI which reflects the following! In1 HM liaspecial Consultant to ths federal Security Agency,.

Girardas Science Editor of lifejaagaslna (published by Tine uyasins)3 toof hia co-workers at Ufa was Omnia KjVUOJH, son of San PRAYHAN, well-known CP7idJt'Aetanagement partnership and boughtnc^Vhlttakar CRV^ifl^eelf-eonfesied Soviet Mplwags ageot, who wis an editor of TLt. reportedroup of three or four people leftnd became editors of ScientificJerry"vas tha leader of this group^Vhlch Jr.oludedic3^tated that the group umbers jrrobably wero Cccnunlst ayipalMztrs. He further statedysterlousocase available for the purchase of Scientific American,. PI EL selocted ANo bs an editor and vice president.

PJrX ww registered at the Board of Blocbloo67

Gerard PToL and Ms first wife, Hary Plrd PJBL, livingA W.treet, Now York City, vera active0 inth Streetforhich was connected with tho Stockholm PeaceL was tha leader of one of tho prograas hold byth Street Neighbors fornd spoke en the hydrogen boob. It Ss known that one of the Beatings was hold onha hcno of Harkb Street, Nev Xork City. Mrs. SHUL'tW (Pearl MUU5JI) was" identified as an active Coasunist0} During this tlaa tho CP had increased its pressure on tho "peace offensive" ranging freo national hradqaarters down to neighborhood groups.

On0 the FBI interviewed Gerard PJEL concerning his association with AbrahamN. Abrahaa BSOTKtAS andOSKOWITZ were convietod In0 In the Federal Court of Hew "fork City on charge of obstructing Rustics in connection with the trial of Julius HOSSJhWC, convicted and sentenced in New York1 on espionage charge.

(TLY, foroer Soviet espionage agent, testified Id courthad acted as couriersad of th*

Soviet espionage not, I'leX oald that he was on acquaintance ofnd MCdXOiilTZ. He said that he firat net IinOfHMAS when ho (rX-X) vas eoployed by the Hew/ J. Kaiserifth Avenue, Hew York City, aid that he had heard that BRANheoist of distinction and roportedly veil informed on plastlca andto get BROTRHAff to do some work for the Kaleer Coapany. BROTKXAN did not go to work for the Kaiser Coapany. PlEL eald that BROTK'IAM told kin that ho had appearedrand Jury7 in connectionharge of Ccwsunlsm. BftOTrttW, after Ida release on tall, called onand asked Ma to publish a. ocicntlflo article that BROTHXAN had written. PlEL said that he told BROTHMAH to oend the article to hi* and that it would be considered on the basis of its scientific worth. PEL stated thatCSKOWITZ had called hia after her arrest askinginancial help end that ho told here could not help.

On4 Gerard PI ELuastill of Rlghta dinner in Kev York City, sponsored by the Emergency Civil liberties Ccrodttee (cited by KCCA).

On6 Csrard PIEL vas in contact with loslf ZELS4SAX

3rd Secretary, Rumanian Legation,.oecarity officer at the Legation.)

PEL and his ascend wife, Eleanor Jackson PIEL, stated that thoy intended to travel to Europe oh8 and wanted to visit the Soviet. olish visa had boon issued to PTEL during the7 to

9 PIEL was lnvitodress conference snd theg of tho Soviet Fair at tho ilcw Yorkow York City.

Gerardontribution0 to thes Coaaittee to Preserve American Freedoms, los Angolas (cited

by riClA).

Cn0 PIEL etleipted to contact Haul Foreignter of Cuba, ot the Cuban Mission to ths United Nations, bow York City, lo invito ROa to dinner. that PIFJ.riend of theirs. Gerard PIEL ond hisoinvitedeception on0 oponsorcd by the Fair Play for Cuba Cowitteo in honor of Fidel CA5TE0w York City.

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yaor.ra;Mc Data

M2L, Gerard (alee "Jorry")

ong Island, Hew York, aon of. J. MEL born In Eclglun, Presldwit of Pial Brothcra Brewery of Brooklyn, Hew Tork, andL (oeo SCOTT).

Sibling*: .artner In tho lav firm Sullivan and

Croawolt, Now York City.

DavidL, Hew Tork City.

John J.an Francieco, California.

Plel HARD, Creenvicb, Conneticut.

Rita Plol BfttWN, Karvinton, Conneticut.

Educationi AB?

Dr.awrence College, Apoleton, Wisconsin,


Untvorelty of British

Career: cienceq magaalno

cnry J. Kaiser College, Dow Tork City

7olf employed.

rganleed Scientific American.

J-^rriageai L (nee BIRD) bomewin Jonathan Bird PIEL end

Samel Bird PEL.

Llcanor Virden Jackson PIEL (SCi separateddresses!0 Fifth Avenue, Hew York City

h Street, New York City

rsa Kill Road, Suffern, Bow Y. co. h Street, Hev York4 Bank Street, New Tork Cityentral Park Vast, New Torkourcoj Khe'a Sfho in Anerlcaurrent Biography 9

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