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. Airman in BO TRACH District, QUANG BINH Province, NVN





Source saw two captive Americans pilotsillage in BO TRACH District, QUANG BINH Province in They Vera housedhatched'hut and wore guarded by two, Vietnamese soldiers. Ono of these soldiers spoke fluent English and Source thought that haolitical cadre sent from HANOI to intorrogato the prisoners. When Source saw the Americans they had beon In the villages for about onehoy were well treated and seemed to be in good health. Neither of them seemed to be injured. Most American prisoners were koptrison camp somewhere in SON TAT Province. The camp was reputed to containmerioan prisoners. Americans captured near HANOI or from THANH HOA Province north were usually sent to SON TAY prison camp within two to throe days after being captured. Prisoners who were captured from NONE. AN Province south were usually detained in their area of capture, interrogated


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exploited and then sont to the prison camp. Occasionally thero were keptillage for several months. The people hated American aviators because of the damage they brought to NVN, destroying their homes and property. If a- pilot tried to escape capture whon he vas shot down, he would probably be killed by th3 poople.

illage in BO TRACH District, QUANG BINH Province, NVN,ood gathering mission for his unit. Source sawpilots under guardillage hut. They were dressod inclothing and sandals which appeared to be too small forclothing and equipment had been confiscated by the Vietnamese The first American pilotaptain who was shot down aboutfrom the, villago in. He was aboutearsounds and was aboutall. He had light brown hair,the crown and thinning at the sides. His nose was long and straight,

igh wideide facemall mouth with thick lips. His eyes wore snail and set far apart. Heleft chin. Source did not know where the second pilot was shot down, hla rank or what his name was. Both pilots had been in the village about one month when Source saw them. The oocond pilot was aboutall,ounds in weight. He was heavily built with wide shoulders. He had thick dark brownide face, high wideong sharp nose, normal eyes and bushy eyebrowsi Source did not know how old he was.

askod the guards' permission to look at the prisonersarty memberadre, the guard led him inside the huttwo Americans were sitting on the ground smoking cigarettes and They appeared to be In good spirits and stood up and shookhim when they saw him. They wero in good health and the guardsthey were fed about three to four times the normal food ration. to be uninjured were given cooked rice, dried fish and salted meat.

In addition they were given anay between them or two bananasThey wero Issued one blanketosquito notalloti They wero allowed to talk to one another because one of tho guards spoke fluent English. Source opined that the English speaking guard was probably sent down from HANOI to interrogate the Americans and that heiddlo-ngod adre. Tho Americans were let out of the thatched hutayalf an hour for exercise. The guards hadence around the hut to keep the people away from them. They wero exercised daily at the same time and the peoplo gathered to watch the prisoners. One of the guards told Source that the Americans were well-disposod toward the people and would try to communicate with them! The guards did not try to stop this, seeing that noither American could speak Vietnamoso, although the English speaking guard was teaching them.

American prisoners wero keptrison camp in SON TAYHANOI. Source did not know whore the camp was in SON TAY Provincefriend of his who was stationed in that area at one time 3aid theheldrisoners, all American. Americanusually transported to this camp at night by carull in American pilots shot down near HANOI or north of THANH HOAsent to SON TAY Prison camp after being detainod In the area wherecaptured for two to three days. Pilots who were capturod from NOHEsouth were detained in the area of capture, sometimes forbefore being sent to SCM TAY. In that case they would bein the village where they were being detained, then sent to thewhen the roads wero clear.



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stated that the villagers in NVN hated American pilots becauso of the damage they had done to their homes and property. If American pilots triad to escape capture after being shot down over NVN the people most likely would pursue and* kill thorn, on the spot* If on the other hand, the pilots did not try to avoid capture they would be well treated by the people. The militia had specific instructions concerning the treatment of captured pilots* They were to tooat them well and with respect. They were to protect thorn from the people whenever possible and to food them three to four times the amount of food the average Vietnamese ato.

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