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nva ac leaflet handwritten,aptured american soldier



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and7) of acquisition ; saigon, vietnam


sometime during the first two monthsvery man in source's division waseaflet whioh they were to leave on the bodies of american soldiersafter battles. this leaflet had been handwrittenecently captured american soldier. an unknown unit attached to source's division had captured himattle at sim son mountain, hoai an district in binh dinh province. source related tho information he could recall concerning the author and the contents of the document. according to source's political officer, the prisoner was detained at division headquarterseek during' which time he wrote the leaflet. he was then escorted to region headquarters.

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us embassy (csa)


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Sometime during the first two monthsource's entire battalion

waseaflet by the battalion commander. They were told to leave these papers in GVN controlled areas or on the bodies of enemy soldiersattle. This leaflet had been handwrittenaptured American soldier and had boon duplicated or mimeographed at Division Headquarters for distribution to allf subordinate units. One side of the leaflet was handwritten in Englishranslation written inon the reverse side.

2. The message statod approximately the following "Since myave

been very well treated. sk you my friends to return to the United States, because this war in Vietnam is illogical." The American soldier's signature vas affixed to the 'right-hand bottom of the paper. Source said that he could remember that the first letter was an "L" followederiod; the next word began with the letterut he could not make out the rest of the name.

3. The leaflet waa issued to Source's unit just two weeks after the capture of tho American soldier- by an unknown unit in Source's divisionattle on SIM SON Mountain, HOAI AN District, BINH DINH Province, sometime during the first two months7 (exact date unkonwn). From the battalion political officer. Senior Captain NGUYEN VAN DY, Source learned that the prisoner had been kept at Division Headquarters (location unknown) for one week. There he was well treated and fed such foods as eggs and milk. When asked to write the leaflet, he agreed and was only given the subject to writo about. He waa then escorted to Region Headquarters located somewhere in the mountains on the border of QUANG NAM and KONTUM Province,

h. From his political officer Source also learned the following about the

erivate Firstember of Companyivisionj Airoorno. Heaucasian aboutears old, tall and of medium build* Source's recollection of the man's name was limited toHe Oould reoall no other data on the prisoner.

5. Source never did use this leaflet ln the proposed manner. He said that since the paper was very thinj he utilised it. to roll cigarettes.


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