Created: 4/3/1968

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The OSSH publlabea vlrtunl ly no data lo absolute terns relating to production of vitamins. Juocordlogublloetloa of Warannual cooarafjition of vitemlna of all Xloda Ln tha USSR then0ona.ana conannad In agriculture-roduction of vitamins vaa scheduled to grow byermit daring tbe Soviet Seven Tear. Aetnai prednetlon In tfiio period, hrjwevar, ronenly iflO percent, p/ urther ISOreatM of atchedule* daring tbe Five-Tear.

the TOSS produce* betaad ntantn Production of the latter5 vaa planned to betines the levelold, auggeata that produotlon6 probably una very Prodnetlan oft entarprlaes of tha Par Santera flehlog industry amounted to eo trillion unite in the tint

Ue hove no Information on the Gov let process for production of vitamin 5. robably la produced largely from naturallthoughout pat ef aynthettcannot be completely ruled out. An ej^riaetrtal Soviet plant reportedly extractsubstanceroclmoUot. a* vitamin A, from algae, j/ The Etonian Academy of Science reportedly basrocess for repia con vera ion of the tydroourbco iaopreaa intoav material for vltamlna A, E, and K. y Previously cltral vas obtained from expensive coriandereference to the Isoprene process, Itclaimed that

synthaalMd lo this way would ba aboutercent, cbeapor than those obtained bypreawaably loercent cheaperS procosu that uses another chemical raw material. Iba Soviet claim cannot be confirmed, and we bava Been uo reports of coamsmrelftl productloa by tola proomss.

X- Chemical Trade Journal and Gaaolcal Boglnaer,ay 6k. C. MSD.IT3TKSCATA POaaSBlXJOOtT' sasa, Bo.. 3. Soviet Bora Bulletin, ea

soviet.- Oomtel Rentera, Eeet-Vest Trade Bates, ao. ftO/ft, IV Kay 6k.

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