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On the basis Security Aci? and subsequent NSC Directives dci-Hna with foreign intelllsenct. activities, the Director, CIA, ha* the follcwing authority in natters relevant to IKR's role and to the KIBE.

CIA (the DCI) has the primary responsibility for allactivities abroad, excluding US possessions.

NSC Act7 created the CIA and directed it toNSC on matters of concern to security of the nation, includingfor coordinating all intelligence activities. At the saaelt authorized other departments and agencies to continueevaluating, correlating and disseminating departmental (SIC)

An NSC directive ofpells out the general division of labor between the principal agenciesState shsll have primarily responsibility for and shall performervice of coes-on concern the collection abroad of political, sociological,scientific and technics! information." The DOO was given primary responsibility for tho collection of foreign military intelligence.

etter from the President datedhe DCI was told to "assusra the proper coordination, correlation nnd evaluation

of intelligence from allto serve as Chairman of the US

Intelligence Board. USIB,iew to assuring the efficient andoperation of the Board and associated

This letter also states that "along with the heads of other Departments and Agencies concerned the DCI has been directed also toontinuing review of all the programs and activities of all US Agencies engaged in foreign intelligence activitiesiew to assuring efficiency and effectiveness and to avoiding undesirable duplication

Under cn NSC Directive, revised on Marchhe DCIto coordinate all foreign intelligence activities ia re-confirmed. Tnis directive also calls for the USIB "to provide yore effectiveandnd to make racomendations to the Secretary of Defense on intelligence matters within the Jurisdiction of the Director, NSA. This directive also empowers the DCI to "cake such surveys ofintelligence activities of the various departments or agenciesas he ray deem necessary in connection with his duty to advise the NSC aod to coordinate the over-all Intelligence effort. the DCI shall ensure that the pertinence, extent and quality of available foreignrelating to national security is continually reviewedasis for improving the quality of InLclliger.cclie correction of deficiencies."


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