Created: 8/16/1968

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Mexican Government seems willing to permit the students to continue their strike and air their grievances as long as are peaceful.

The most recent mass march in the capital onugustto be the largestto date. Although the march was orderly, slogans and chants were unusual in their vilification of the Mexicanwho traditionally isfrom personal attack. strikes in support of the Mexico City students have been announced in five states.

Although tourist andinterests have urged early action, the government appears to believe that if the students exhaust their energy innow, they will bethrough the Olympics in October. It is making nohowever, and is to the rest of the to bring the studentsline.

Mexico City's mayor. Corona del Rosal, who is the government's spokesman and could end up as the

official scapegoat, has angered students with charges that the disturbancesremature outburstlot to foment trouble between police and He has also implied Cuban involvement. Corona's mostproposal to the students has been the formation of ato investigate charges of police brutality and student deaths, but he denies thathas been killed or thatautonomy has been violated

President Diaz Ordaz has so far declined to lend his prestige to the government's position,reserving the formidable weight of hiseal crisis. On the other hand, in the past he has permitted crises to drag on for political purposes, and hasalent for destroying important politicianspectacular way.

A politician's inability to preserve the peace in the area of his charge has more than once provided the President with an excuse toolitical career Corona del Rosal has beenas Diaz Ordaz' possible successor, and it is possible that the President has decided to "burn* him.


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