Created: 7/19/1968

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unrest continues toroublesome issue in many parts of Mexico. Disorders have occurrod ac two provincialin the past two weeks, and outbreaks could spread to the capital city.

A clash betweenat the Univorsityover elections togoverning boardJuly resulted in twoeight wounded. Classessuspended indefinitely.

A student strike at the University ofundertaken in support of higher salary demands by professors and other universityappears to haveurn for the worse. Twenty students are reported to beunger strike, and the financial demands far exceed anything tha state could afford. The Cuban consul in Veracruz has reportedlypropaganda material and advised the students on the staging of demonstrations.

uuniniu;ii!ic-irurc National" Democratic Students* Central was involved in the affair.


disorder atstudent

National University in Mexico City. Chronic unrest there and indications that agitators are planning disturbances during the Olympics have already led the government to tighten its controls on the students.

A popular student "cause' could be provided by the ruling party's use of powor to prevent the moderate opposition fromoffices it won in at least

one of the four recent state For example, despite the government's claims of victory in Chihuahua, it is widely believod that the National Action Party was the real winner in theuly. Eightcontests are still pending this year and it is likely that the

government will continue its tactics to ensureaganist

even lo^aj norbacks.

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