Created: 6/17/1968

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Speculation atnred Ight Act ivi tv: tatements wi tri Impl Icni. Ion's for future Soviet manned missions were made by Soviet scientists at the recent COSPAft meeting In Tokyo. One comment was that regenerative life support systems will not come Into use by the Soviets for five or possibly ten years. asting on th*for tha HayCOSPAR Biological Working Croup, Grlgorlev (Chair-art of the group and an Increasing prominent Soviet radloblologlst) said In regard to any reporting on human physiology that "there nayinimum of new data." H

Corrrett: The Information on the Soviet raqenaratlve system Tj generally consistent with previous estimates. Since the regenerative life support system Is considered the pacing Item for the vary large aianned spacehis would mean launch oftation could not be expected before thes or as late

The United amount of physiological space data expected by-the Soviets In time for the9 meeting could be Interpreted several ways: there will be very United Sovlot manned flight activity, the Soviets will notanned space flight for the purpose of collecting biomedical data, or tha Soviets will not have time to process, evaluate and releasa the biomedical data of any manned event before Hay

It Is too early In the manned spaca flight season to accurately predict which Interpretation Is correct, but If there ara no Soviet manned flights8 It could nean the Soviets are experiencing problems more serious than previously anticipated. BSBaeaBBjBBaaaaaaaaaaa|

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