Created: 5/27/1968

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?ha Enemy Situation in IV Corpa

currant pa-.tam of Viet Cong -activity in the delta provinces ofIV Corpa suggests soeva degree of weakness

position there of Cuauunist military forces.

3documents, prisoner interrogations, and

It)to increased enemy difficulties


IBthe exceptionearly March assault cn Ca Mauof enemy-initiated activity has decreased The bulkthis activity has beenon interdiction efforts against vital road


and supply routes in ciditioa to standoff attacku by fire. Even the rate ajid intensity of these actions, however, has beenalling off in recantor example, the number of smell unit attacks,attacks by fire, averaged only abouter veex for the last six weeks. This rate is lessut close to, theevel of attacks. Inthe rate for small scale attacks during March and early April averaged0 per week.

11. Several factors are probably involved in the decline initary activity. WithCommunist emphasis on the northern half of the country and the Saigon area, it is possible that the enemy's delta forces have been ordered to fill tneir needs for supplies and reinforcements from local sources only. Large numbers of enemy arms and supply caches have recently been uncovered by allied awaep operations. Despite reports of new Communist weapons and North Viotr.airasa infiltrators ir. the delta, the Viat Cong forces there are undoubtedly experiencing difficulties inully effectlvo combat-readiness posture. Furthermore, increasad allied military coordination andunder the directionew corpsmay have helped take the initiative away from the Communists. The allied operations, which have included new concepts and techniques oiand destroying enemy concentrations of porsonnol and supplies, have inflicted continual losses, kept the enemy partly off btlonce, and denied him the ability to maneuver anc. mass his forces as easily as in the past.

Climate is probably also an important consideration currently for the Communists in the delta. The summer southwest monsoon season is The heaviest rainfall occurs in the delta between Juno and October.

It is also possible that the Viet Cong ir. the delta are attempting to conserve their energies and logistics tor another round of largeimo of their choosing, possibly inwith other offensives expected in key areas of the country.

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