Created: 7/31/1968

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Wednesday,UBJECT: CIA Situation Report on Czechoslovakia as.

Soviet-Czech talks in Cierna are still in progress this afternoon. Radio Prague reported it had reason to believeinal communique was being prepared and that the talks would end soon. However, the Czech News Agency reportedast minute disagreement forced the leaders to schedule another meeting tomorrow.

The Prague Radio said Brezhnev was taking part in the afternoon session. However, Reuters says the Soviet leader had to leave the talks just before noon and was helped back to his railroad coach by Dubcek and other!

There have been some hints from Moscow recently, however, that the pressure of events was taking its toll on Brezhnev's health.

wife_and family of Dubcek left Vienna and crossed into Yugoslavia today. rs. Dubcek left Czechoslovakia for safety's sake or is carryinghoughtless whim.

Czechoslovak reporting on the talks in Cierna has been guardedly optimistic. The main party daily Rude Pravo this morning carried its most authoritative statement yet on the atmosphere surrounding the talks, quoting presidium member Smrkovsky as saying that the talks are takingromising course".

Soviet military activity in and around Czechoslovakia


of "division-minusith all its equipment, was seen in central Czechoslovakia headed southwest. However, it may have turned east toward the USSR afteroad junction further south.

announced today that East Cerman and Polish reserves have been called up to take part in the current rear servicesove which has increased popular fears throughout Eastern Europe.



Weather reports for at Least three Czechoslovak airfields have been included in the Soviet Tactical Air Force (Germany) weather summaries This suggests that the Soviet Air Force is making contingency tions for operations in Czechoslovakia.

High level officials back in M

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