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Th* Honorable Gaorg*hat Coaaitta* cm Approprlat lou* Hons* of Roproaaatatlvw* rRshlng-tOn, D. C.

Bear Mr. Quiruai

Tou war* so halpful laat full whan Ith* prob-ltns. of Radio Fra* Europaad Radio Libarty (RL) with yoaboacht you aigbt nor b* lntarwatadwport oa what tfaay bar* ba-an don th* paat mixha.


RFX has eaaaad itsaolldtatioa for fa acta and do quaatlon haa baan publicly ralaaxj aboat aitaarnaac-ln*. ba paat sixth* radlaathatrlaary aooxc*a la tbalr raapac tir* targ-at axaa*.

I. Foraaer Aabaaaador GrooouakJ cablad fro- Varaa* dorth* atudaatlooa mom*hat aaof th* atucWat FopulatioaFX for

aaxtlealarly la eatatroa

otbar parta of thahatra broaeWaat* war* "aap*ciaUy appraeiatad by th* PoloaJiaaca." Uaotbar Vaxaaw report at*ta* that aaay Pola* wax* full offorot* rag* of to* am,artleulaxly that RFX broad caatah* Folleh-ot hauatlly in thair on nawa traataent, with conaidarabl** thoy att**ptad tot thair raralao. mi th* facta.

A-baaaador Hillenbrand la Bu<Up**tport ad that RTX has unqaaatlonably furnlahad it* Huncariaa andlanc* withnd aora tiaaly, lazonaatlon on th* Pollah riot* aad Cx*ca llbnra ligation than th* local aad la. Furibar iaforaatioo racoiTOd froa tha Rabaaay in Budap*at indicataa thatublic appaalto b* lacxaaaiag iaunwary, aad that, la apit* OiTuotaxiaa offloUlao it ragnlaxly aod probably ua* itacur* oftl**nt and raactiaoa.

Letter* tramreed caat by Radio Prague and Koaltorad by RTE, rereal tha Csecaoelorak public**Interest In the poeeible cessationnalog of RKB. In ie-*pons* to their expressions, theeiorax Kini-ter of the latarlor announced that Jaeejicg would bait. LaternodIfled thla to apply only to "legal foreignat,though he epeclf Lcally*Tt aa aa "lllagal- radiobe obliquely indicated thatof It toooaeae la tie*. Recently, IF* avcwxltara bare) acted that Jawing of the epeclalbroadcast tarjoted at Czechoslovak intellectual* haa In fact atopped.

Teatlaooy to the efficacy of radio InInrecently in responseeqawst to all U. B. diploawtlc ailaaloaaoo apecific nym for tbe United Btetea toto it* effort* In the Pari* talks with aorta Asaaesaodr Hillenbrand replied that the officialtha countrte* of East Europe are offeet byto foreign broadcast* and iscoaM ended thatattention be fiwoa toTX and TO*,. The Kebaeey iae pox-ted thatto the Pol Lea pabllc, we feel thatre the wet afreet ireof reachingleawsts of th* Pol labceetlnaeoorereg* of theUlka and etherto .

RTK'a *ala rrrograaaLng base la located inIta relation* with the lest Cereen gerernaent are Dr. Fran*ead of the Rosa Foreign OffDepartment II with reapooaibility forold BTX officials oa 3EXT. coat lone* to bare aa Uportaat rol* toeriod aarksdertain procea* of detent*. great reespcnaibllltlee and we knee that yon areof

II. Bysteaatla effort* to neasnr* sadlatening audience in the lowiot Colon haw*rated that during tha xlrat mix eon thereached

nor* people withact than erer before, rorther adrance* are likely when,echnological breatthroogh, fourilowatt transmitters in Spain axe beaded together tolagle negaeatt tianealtter, whLcherce th* currently araliable Jawing la th* Hoecow erwe


where tho elite targwt aadieace reel doe. Preliminary eool -taring hy our Eabassy Lb* of initial toots vita the nee3goal iodic*tea that the broadcasts are reaching the center of Hoecov with unprecedented strength.

Radio Llboxty'a principal progressing prlorltiee la tho Lnet air eon the have centered on Bovlat intellectualand oo the Xaat luropeaa davolopaenU. efaltr floe of protest eocusents fro* thssad Ukrainianctual undergro-ond haa been acquired br HL aad breadcast back to the USES, often at dictation speed, to be recorded and dlasealoated to the internal andlenoe. In April, the Russian poetooms an tat its or Radio Liberty In Paris, coapliaented XL for its coverage otHuxopoan developments aad Soviet Lntslleetual He urged XL to hrcsdcast nor* protest documents froe ooviot Intellectuals and, on Xnatsra Europe,

to breadcast tbe facta, facta and acre facts. Everything that happens oa CxecfaosloveJOa, Polead,ia detail, is order that people In oar country ahould knee that it La pes* lb Is to sees toward ^eaocrmoy without alsughtsr and revelation, bat ealaly aad

Our soot recent Co*letriter andcritic whooneagneinynrskiy aad Oanisl. haa told us categorically that foatem radio is the mostaingle sonree of atlsaU to the thought aad themi the Horlet latelligsntsLa. He believes the .est anooid be doing such aore through the medlaa of radio to eomstualcate with, Inform, and encourage the Soviet listening aadleaee.

Za recent aeothi, tho BSSg propegnnda actiwitlsa,Ingled out -ClX-eTKmsored- sedla gad ladle Liberty by name for "Vieloading and confusing- Soviet youth. "peaking In Blank oeeccruary Ifrns,Coeygin warned thatradio broadcasts were trying to driveedge between th* foneratioos.- Other Lndleatlons ofwidespread youth problea, undoubtedly lnflu*oced by th* flow of information fro* abroad, haw* cow* from Georgia, Moldavia, aad the Ukraine.

Ia the fall sod winteri gawe aore exteosire reporting on Bowiot persecutlos of Ukrainian nationalist iatellsctaala than any ether radio atotie* broadcasting to the Soviet Union. A. B. Bkaba, Ukrainian



ad ciHiri;

u damotadadia *vaa

obliged top-eoial tatorriaw alt* aa official of tha Ukrainianoffloo t* anawar lletanvara* qaeat-tiooa which, lecardiac to that broadcast, ataanaad frant tho "noon" craatad byralrj*and radio about tba trial*cralnlan intallectuala.

XIX. u will roc*t fall* fund th* two radios througha9 will la altaraatir*for tbalr oponaorcblp andaad jrrwar* axplorad. la tha six woo tha elncal-sion to continue tbalr oparationa, tadio Fra* Jtirop* and Kadlo Libarty, aa shown above, hawathair oon-tlnaitux afxactiTwaaae. ill kaap youf any proeraec waabla to aaka toward aolvirjg; th* probla* al* wbat la to b* doe* with thoaa raluabla lnatruaaat* In


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