Created: 7/5/1968

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wliow tlitti; ov*'r-iO.Jin Mi"t ImeoftIfO.'r^ tlm Mglis mi1 lied In In o'li.utitm, deCictors and capturedv-il Ui.itBVOQpl have forc-id iitnur'-iont bands tb move nut of IjJltfemvetheir supply sources, aii'l have undermined insurgent morala. One high-level Commnnist for example, hnr- revealed that lonu-slanding problems of leadership and recruitment are being severely aggravated byoperations.

The picture in theot io not entirely favorable, however. Although armyhave put strains on the Cutnmunlnts, theands are still intact, tlwir casual-tics hnve bicn low, and they areable to avoid contoet with superior government forces. In addition, ono unforeseenof tho government'soperations appears to be that the Communists arereater effortatedy their organizational weakness in the villagos.

The government's villageprogram recentlyharp setuoch when the police refusedS-sponsored


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ami aimi.tiVr of vLlla-iers.

m /ei-nmriit, . .has its hands full with tribal iiwuryrnts in thevincn. In recent weohs, mrril)ai have boconii moreond for the first time'i<rmy truckh" northeast remainsarea for the Communists, it in increasingly clear that the north box alsoajor target.

jl; may also bo fACOdmMlnoj problem from the activities of thei based inThai land, oilalaysianunit across the border andolicemen. Kualanow is seeking greaterfrom Bangkok in improving joint boxdar security operations-In responsealaysian re-, s'anior oCClcialri of the two countries are meeting this week in Kuala Lumpur to discuss more effective tactics.

Bangkok is expected toto Malaysia's requestsecurity forces inwhile avoiding thesensitivo issue ofMalaysian operationssoli. Should theup their cross-borderhowever, the Thaiincreasing Malaysianto overcome theirconey toward this security

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