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India-Pakistan: ew exchange ofhas intensified the propaganda war between the two countries.

Both governments have used the podium of the UN General Assembly to reiterate their customaryon disputes which lie closest to the hard core of Indo-Pakistani hostility. The Pakistani foreign minister renewed the calllebiscite inprotested tho treatment of the Muslim minority in India, and urged meaningful negotiations on tho diversion of Ganges water by India's Farakka Barrage. India countered Pakistan's "baseless charges" with an unequivocal claim to Kashmir, an assertion that Pakistan had committed aggression against India three times in recent yoars, and an expression of concern over discrimination against Hindu minorities in

India has tried to back its allegations ofinterference in India's internal affairs by releasing in New Delhi copies of supposedly captured documents which purport to demonstrate thatofficials have aided dissidents in eastern India. Some of the documents "verify" the training and arming ofaga tribesmen in Eastprior Evidence of similar support to the Mizo rebels is said to include letters from one of their leaders to President Ayub thankingfor sympathy and financial assistance.

There was considerable disagreement withinMinistry of External Affairs aboutdocuments and thusull in thepropaganda war. Indian PresidentMuslim whoore moderate approach,greatly disturbed by theard line toward Pakistan,

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