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Governmentuandary Over Student Crisis

attempt to turn theconfrontation in Mexicoialogueto have broken down and there is still no clearof when or how the crisis will dissipate.

A brief standoff occurred when modorato student groups agreed to meet with government representatives offering joint investigation of charges against the authorities. Radicalhowever, buoyed by the government's defensive position since tho huge, orderly student demonstration last week, have sabotaged conciliatory moves and worked to harden student There is considerable incoherence on the student side, whichecognized The several presumptive spokesmen nevertheless appear unified on three basic demands: university autonomy,of public forces in school matters, and repair of school buildings damaged during the riots. One student group claims that time is running against the government's side because of the approaching Olympic games, and is resisting all government overtures that are not direct and public.

There is no evidenco that the government has in mind any ^aajor_cor^cessions to the- students

that ignoring grievances would heighten the likelihood of further disruption of public order.

Diaz Ordaz plans to makestatement on studentsin his state ofaddresseptember.

that Mexican pUBlic opinion is more unsympathetic to the student causes than ever because of the riots. The government may its own popularbyassive worker-peasant rally following Diaz Ordax' address.

[the gov-proof that

emment has absolute the Cuban Embassy and the Soviets

are directly involved in the

student disturbances.

ans and Soviets

The government's"

Jiluituud fumes from its belief that giving in to the students could invite further demands, but

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