Created: 9/24/1968

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Current Disposition and Capabilities of Soviet Forces tor Localized' OtfeVsive Actions Against, flerlir. srermany

rediaposition of Soviet and Eastwhich took place during the invasion ofhas resulted in an improved capabilityoffensive action against Bavaria. Attime, however, the Soviet forces in Eastbeer, reduced, utd thaix aurr*nt posture ispoorer for offensive action against NATO thaninvasion. Although present Soviet and Eastdispositions around Berlin are sizable, theyconsiderably reduced from thethe Czech invasion (see attached map).

Soviet Forces Adjacent to Bavaria

invasion of Czechoslovakia resulted inof two additional Soviet armies nearborder, and the probable deployment ofSoviet army in the Eastarea. Including the army permanentlyBavaria in East Germany, there are nowthree, and probably four, Soviet armiesmiles of Bavaria.

that KATO has two corpa inwith each corps roughly equivalent to athe Soviets probably would beliove theirin the area adequate to ensure a The current dispositions leave theinile sector between the Helmstedtautobahns from which they withdrew forcesCzechoslovakia.

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ist of the Soviet armies involved:

Permanently deployed on East German-Bavarian border

8th Guards Army

rifle divisions


2 East German motorized rifle divisions

Relocated to Czechoslovakia from East Germany

1st Guards Tank Army

4 tank divisions

rifle divisions

h Guards Ar:ay

rifle divisions

Moved to southern East Germany orCzechoslovakia from western USSR

11th Guards Army

5 motorized rifle divisions Soviet Forces in the Area of Berlin

The Soviets would consider the defense of the East Gernan border area an essential aspect of any move against Berlin. The movement of the two armies from East Germany to Czechoslovakia has reduced Soviet forces facing west Germany. In addition, it hasthe number of divisions around Berlin from seven toSoviet and one East German.

In all, there are currently six Soviet and East German divisions located around 3erlin and between Berlin and the West German border. Five of these are in the 3rd Shock Army which has three

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divisions in the vicinity of Berlin and two near the West German border. One East German division is in tho western suburbs of Berlin.

7. Zt is likely tha; as the situation stabilizes tho Soviets will restore forcos in East Germany to their former strength. At the same time they probably willew force on tho order of six divisions along the Czechoslovak-Bavarian border.

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Svviei And East German Ground Forces Deployment

i Ground forces Deployment Against West Germany And Berlin

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