Created: 8/29/1968

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LBJ UBRAR* Mandatory Review

ff'&aS CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE* of Intelligence '

8 '


ssassination- og US' Ambassador to* Guatemala

Ambassador John Gordon Kein who

as killed yesterday afternoon in Guatemala City waaictim of the Communist Rebel Armed Forces (FAR) .

indicate that the terroristsattempting to kidnap him for use in aFAR loader Carlos Francisco Ordonez who wasin Guatemala City onugust. Thowas killed while attempting to evade capture.

President Mendez has calledtateiege, which is expected to be approved by the Tho country's frontiers have beer, and security forces have begun house-to-house

scarchos within the capital. Guerrilla suspect3tist extremists are being arrested.

4. The Communists have targeted US personnel .! because they believe that the US has been responsible .ror the security forces1 increasing success against tK>3m. During the past several months tho throats against US personnel and installations have became more strident. The latest threat caaie onulyan.

planning attempts on theersonnel, perhaps including the ambassador.



; President Johnson's visit to Guatemala City. nxallas hurled into the compound c9dor'residenceuly.


Dili SEFfttl

No ForoigfrsDiEsora

During March, tho Communist Party andArmed Forces threatened coordinatedand the planned assassination orUS and Guatemalan officials.

anuary the Commander of the USgroup, Colonel John Webber, and the chiefnaval section, Lt. Commander Ernest Kunro, were

.killed and two other mission members woren Guatemala City. The attack was in retaliation for the killing and mutilation by Guatemalan security forceseauty queen who was the loverAR member.

6. ttM Guatemalan Communist Party and theuban FAR have engaged in guerrilla and terrorist activity since the. overnmentbegun in6 drove most of tho guerrillas from their traditional area of operations 'in northeastern Guatemala by Since that time the guerrillas have been recruiting, training, and rebuilding their supply network before renewing large-scale guerrilla activity.

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