Created: 8/27/1968

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Directorate or Inlulligcnce8


The Situation in Cacchoslovnklu (An oihoui'H

1, Tho communique isnuod thin morning followinn the Moscow mooting contained general pledges of loyally to Marxism-Leninism on the Czechoslovak Hide and non-jnf erf crc-uci on theside to thoittu Itftdo at Cicntn nnd

Bratislava. What tho agrocmoiit and certain other now pledges will moon in practico may ho clearer later todjiy when Czechoslovak loaders spoil nut for thoir people the "planned, Immediateol'orrod to in tho communique.

Among tho key points In tho communique:

--Soviet troops which "temporarily" enteredwill not lntorforo in Czechoslovak affairs

and llioy willithdrawn "as tho Hllunllunho Cr-echoslovakH agreed thai all media would nerve tho parly and tho cfliwe of frlondMhip amonw CommuutHt na'tion*.

sides agreed to strengthen tho solidarity of tho soclnllHt community, fulfill bilateral nnd MUla mid "ndniLiUHLur n ohuff" to tliouu who would encroach on the uxintinK borders in Europe.Czechoslovak sldo said it had not askod that thechofilovak question br? brought to thu UN and now demanded its.removal from the agenda. Tho communique was signed byoviet loaders Including nine ofull members of the Politburo andzechoslovak loaders also including nlno ofresidium members.

also announced that party-govornmevufrom East Germany, Poland, Hungary and Bulgariahomo onugust following their participationCzechoslovak-Soviet talks in Moscow.

Prague, tho govornmont nnd Nationaltoday to hear roportu on tho negotiationsCernik and Assembly Chairman SmrkovskySvoboda, and Cernik reportedly are to addresssometime this afternoon (Praguo time). First

roportsationwide radio speocb by Svoboda today quote tho Czechoslovak loader as saying tho Soviet troop withdrawal Will be "gradual and comploto." He cautlonod, however, that until they aro gone "tholr presencoolitical reality."

O.echoalovnK officials in Londonthat not "oven Dubcek" could gel away withwhich would permit Soviet troop* toany appreciable length of time. Thoy nlao saidwould not accept tho rc-lntroduciJun ofor the roturn to power of potential eollalwra Indrn, and Blink.


A Radio Czechoslovak/broadcast today roportod thai the regional party organisation in Brno resolved thl* morning inter nllw, that all troops must be withdrawn immediately, that unnamed "betrayers" of Czechoslovakia not be permitted to ronain In offtce, and thnt tho result* ofnrty Congress be recognized as valid and logal. Routers roporta that other radio broadcasts have ropoatedly stated that tho Moscow agreement must bo ratified by tho parliament, the party central commlttoe, and tho congrotJKos still officially in sosAlon in Prague and Slovakia. Theso broadcast* Muggoet that the Dubcek leadership will have somo difficulty inpopular nccoptaneu of tho agreement if it requires Prague to accopt Sovlot troops and to impose censorship.

There has been no substantial change In tho Soviet military posture since0 Sltrep whon troops worn reported pulling out of major Czechoslovak cities.

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