Created: 8/28/1968

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CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Directorate of Intelligence6


Tho situation In' (As0 EM1)

1. Many Cnecliqslovnk officials mui elements of tho

populatlopoconcilod to the Moscow agrooueni,

Thoro ore signs that Dubook may face stiff resistance wlih-

,.in fcho.pnrty If ho attempts to overturn the renuJu of tho

h party Congress which not tioar Prague

3'Ht wook. Tho National Assembly this morning resolved

unanimously that tho Warsaw Pact occupation of Chechoslovakiai

in |llcgrl und In violation of international ti-OBtles, *nfKtodoonorete data" boor the troops' withdrawal. It "Wlso demanded that fho'lnforma'tiou'moOJall government organs bo allowod to function frcoly. The Aaeom^ly expressed thanks to Dubook ami Svoboda for llioir otfort* to do away with the "abnormal alato ofnd appealod for national unity and the avoldnnco of

S, Boveral regional parly organixationa this morning also oxproseed dUsallsfaction with the Moscow agvoomem,

Homo labellingdiktat" and domandiiig that it bo eubjoot to ratification by tlio national Assonbly. Oilier party organisations notod that while tho agreement wasIt wnb tho host Dubcok and Svoboda could obtain,

3. Tho-Central Committee elected byh Congress net this morning and thentatement affirming its roaOlnoss to give "disciplined support" to ttio Dubcok londorvhlp. Tills action no doubt givesift, Tho. logal status pf tho CoiUraJ. Committee is, however., till uncertain. Duhcek, in his spooch yontordny, implied that the results or last woek's Congress any have to he set aside. Deputy Premiereformist Slovak party leader, has callsd on Dubcok to do Just

Wostorn press sorvloos reported this morning from Prague that five truck-loads of Soviet infantry occupied the square near tho parliament building, but that most CaoohoBlovaka left them unMolontod.

0, Routors reported this morning that, according to the Prague correspondent of tho Yugoslav noww agency, thoro will bo another six-nation Communist summit on tho Czooh question moeting noxt nonth in East Oornany,"

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