Created: 8/30/1968

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Directorate of Intelligence8


The Situation In Czechoslovakia

(As of lsyo edt)

1* Dubcek has calledeeting of the pro-Invasion Czechoslovak party central committee tomorrowugust, toew presidium, according to unconflrmod Western press reports, Dubcok's action implicitly ropudiatos the progressive central committee elected by theh party congress which convoned socretly during the It is unknown still Just what the opposition may be to this move by Dubcek, which was probably taken to satisfy the Soviets.

Western press reports that Russianin Prague are taking ovor key posts In Several liberal ministers, includingInterior Pavel, are said to be ready to resign.

sources in Belgrade reported today that


Czechoslovak/Premier Ota Sik will await the settlement of the new government in Prague before ho returns home. According

to Reuters Sik, who hasrime target of Sovietreportodly fears abduction or arrest Jf ho goes back to Prague now.

Apparently most Czechoslovak radio broadcasts are now being ma do by regular pre-invasion workers andis in effect. Czechoslovak Radio Danube today, however, demanded the withdrawal of troops from radio and TV buildings and aone newspaper.offlees that are still occupied. FBIS reports that technical indicators seem to suggest that two stationsro-Soviet line are actually located in East Germany and Poland rather than in Czechoslovakia as was previously reported.

Radio Czechoslovakia todaytatement of the Central Committee of tho National Front asking the government to negotiate an agreement to Insure the departure of foreign armed forces so that "the full sovereignty of our state ia restored,"acit recognition that themay last indefinitely, however, the National Front also "insisted unconditionally" on non-interference in Czechoslovak internal affairs by occupying forces.

There has boon no substantial change detected in the status of Warsaw Pact-corona In and around Czechoslovakia today.

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