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Possibilities for Accommodationus anc


events of recent months haveFrench Government to reappraise its policiestho US, thereumber of ways incould accommodate Paris, particularlyscientific, technical and financialsome of these fields, France and the US haveor are encountering policyothers, Washington could, if it wanted, makecontribution to solving some ofFrance is facing. France will not be able

to contribute as much to the US, primarily because the US is more advanced than the Frenchumber of crucial areas.

the political arena, there is not awhich can ba accomplished so long as Parishave differing conceptions both ofand of the roles each should play inaffairs. It is hardly helpful, forpoint out that France would like the US toof Vietnam or that the US would like Francethe military organization of NATO. But itfor both nations, without changingon basic issues, to be more accommodating. willingness on Paris' part to consultinformation on matters of importance to both

Note: This memorandum was produced solely by CIA. It was prepared jointly by offices of the Directorate of Intelligence and tho Directorate of Science and Technology.




countries would be welcome. Moreover, Washington could recognize that consultations "after thes in the Cuban missile crisis, only convince France that it is regarded by the USecond-class ally.

French Policy Changes Desired by or Useful to the US 3. Political:

Deserters from US Armed Forces: agree to allied legislation on deserters; refuse to grant "political asylum" to doserters;easier access to deserters by uspersonnel.

State-controlled radio-TV service: control and reduce the amount of anti-American oro-paganda; agreeider dissemination" of news about the US.

Disarmament: illingness toeven if only in observer status, in disarmament sessions such as those of the ENDC; sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Public statements by government officials: control and reduce the volume of anti-American statements.

UN: illingness to consult more closely on matters of mutual interest;oluntary contribution to cover past debts incurred in peacekeeping operations;ore cooperative attitude toward peacekeeping operations; stop lobbying with Africans on the Chinese representation issue.

NATO: illingness to negotiate NATO's relocation claims against France and also bilateral US claims against France; cooperate more fully with the NATO military command; increase the number of permissible overflights of French territory by US and allied aircraft; agree to negotiate priorfor wartime use of the US*pipeline and telecommunication facilities.




4. Economic and Fiscal Policies:

Investment: encourage US investment in France, with US firms using funds obtained by borrowing outside the US. Such investments would be made, if the Frencharm welcone to US capital. Investments of this type would help the French economy and the US balance of payments. If capital funds are raised by US firms in the Eurobond market, they would substitute for capital outflows from the US and at the same time providemarket demand for dollar funds which otherwise would end up as official claims against the US- Moreover, regardless of the source of the funds, they would materially aid tho French balancepayments.

Monetary reform: French participation in the plan for Special Drawing Rights.

Color televisions support the international adoptiontandard color TV system designed along the lines of the US/West German systems.

. Military and Space Programs:

Kerguelen Islands: enter agreement forof National Geodetic Satellite Program station on the Kerguelens.

Atomic energy information: provide informa-tion on fast reactor development and indesign and related information on the Phenix Fast Reactor prototype.

Information on Soviet scientific and technical activities: esult of French-Soviet scientific and technical exchanges, France could give information on: (a) the Soviet man-in-the-sea program, including research and development on deep submergence research vessels, life support systems, marine biology and bioacoustics; (b) Soviet across-the-board space activities, including mission



objectives, program schedules, research and development on satellites (communications, weather, navigational,oosters and tracking facilities.

Policy Changes Desired by or Useful to France


rope: reater willingness to let Europe act independently; consult more fully with France and the rest of Europe on key issues.

Former French colonies: make it clear that the US will not attempt to usurp the French role in geographic areas of particularto Paris, such as the former African territories, or in the training andof military, security, police and gendarmerie forces in their areas.

Consultations: include France in big-power consultations, if feasible, particularly in areas where France has special interests such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

service: take administrative actior to see tnat Frenchmen who have served the required amount of time in the Frenchonths) are not drafted by the US after entering this country (to be exempt from service in the US Armed Forces, foreigners must have servedonths in anotherarmed forces).

Economic and fiscal policies:

ull and unreserved commitment to support the French franc, perhaps in the formarge, new credit line.



Countervailing duties: rescind the counter-vailing duties against subsidized French exports.

Exchanges: promote an exchange ofand marketing experts to aid France in mastering the techniques of "consumer product engineering" and mass distribution; promote exchanges in the field of business education, particularly at the graduate level.

Monetary reform: indicate willingness to discuss broad reform of the international monetary system, with particular attention to the valuation of gold and the use of the dollareserve currency.

Chemicals: repeal the American selling price on chemicals.

Trade regulations: revise anti-dumping legislation and customs regulations.

Agriculture: revise some of the regulations which limit the market for French agriculture products in the US.

Patents and Licenses: facilitate patents procedures and the commercialization of licenses.

Military and space programs:

Communications Satellites: provide certain technology for communications satellites, such as traveling wave-tube technology, to be used in the French-German communications satellite Symphonie; provide assistance in the launch vehicle for Symphonie and perhaps even offer toaunch vehicle to the French and put up the satellite from Cape Kennedy.

French Guiana Space Center: agreement by NASA toaunch pad there.



aunch vehicle: offer to purchaso sotre of theaunch vehicles (unit cost has risen and the EL DO program may be endangered unless the overall cost can be reduced),

At1antique ASW aircraft: agreement to timely deliverypromised electronic equipment for aircraft (The US recently has balked atthe necessary equipment because it is involvedompetition between the Atlantiqueetter and cheaper US ASW aircraft).

ircraft: The French are interested in whether the US would want to procure for its own useicensing arrangement, or actively influence other NATO countries toactical version of theariable geometry prototype equippedratt and Whitney engine

irbus: give badly neededadvice, financial assistance andtechniques to the airbus project; orFrance to joinS aircraft firmoint airbus effort.

Sales involving US equipment: e approval for sales of aircraft and other products which include US origin equipment, such as the projected sale by Sud Aviation of Caravelles to South Africa.

Scientific and Technical:

Atonic energy: renew the bilateral agreement between the US and France in the field of atomic energy; AEC agreement to permit access by French personnel to certain weapons labs and facilities accessible to other free world personnel: AEC agreeriKmt to release to French scientists certain unpublished and unclassified studies which evolve from weapons-related research and development.




"S! of large USe.g.

s; elimination of the need for

will not be

used for nuclear weapons development.

' Qther advanced weapons: release ofon certain rocket fuels and rocket guidance meters.

' Communications; release of technology on US communications advances, including TV color

systems PUlSe COdG modulation transmission

Scientific satellites: release ofon US scientific satellites including details of experiments aboard the spacecraft.

Man-in-the-Sea Program: release ofon man-in-the-sea research andincluding sea lab characteristicsocean sciences, as well asconcerning deep sea rescue andand


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