Created: 10/3/1968

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Answers to Questions Raised by White House Concerning Student Disturbances in Mexico



A. Question; Kexi< n students were using new rlrTTjI^xfraHocr^Hec?



to mu

nswer: Thoro is nohat sucn rifles were boiriK used.

B. Question; Did or did not individuals from

the country just prior to

innai"t? PWherethey froq" and who did they represent?

Answer: The only confirmed information on

individuals from outside Mexico who possibly might have been involved in tho riots involved two French itudents, one Chilean, one Puerto Rlcan, and one American. The

eVSro arrosted ol>uly and were deported. The French students woro not apprehended, it is not

known whether these individuals represented themselves or international organizations. Although tho Mexican press continually plays tho theme of foreign involvement, no conclusive ovidenco to this effect has been presented to date.

C. Question: What faculties of the university were involved in the riotine and to what MtMt9


All faculties of the Rational Autonomous University bad been involved to some extent. The National &tnke Committee consisted ofembers representing the National Autonomous University, the

amKlfOIIIElIASE flflll9



Polytechnic Institute, the National Agricultural College, Teachers Colleges, Vocational and Preparatory Schools. At the National University the most active faculties at the beginning of the disturbances were those of Economics, Law, Philosophy, and Political Science. More rocently the Science faculties and tho Polytechnic schools have become more involved. Not to be excludod from involvement in student disturbances wore professors who formed coordination committees of teachers representing most of the aforementioned schools and colleges.

D. Question: What organizations outside the academic field proper took part or furnished support in money or arras and how much supportin arms and money?


indication of ai

informationrms^to the students. The ono unconfirmed report mentioned in the addendum to the paper on the Mexican student crisis ls the only

>rociablo amounts of financial support.

the Moxican

jomnunist party, tbe Moxican Communist Youth, theStudent Central, and the National UnionWomen have given "moral" support to theand bave participated ln the collection ofis not possible to determine the amount ofby the students who have resorted tocampaigns throughout the

I^tno cost of studentand found it to be overillion. dollars) for advertisements, signs, food, support, and so forth.



Question: Verify if posslblo the acts of the Olympla Brigade as reported by the Bureau.


a small group of students

University of Mexico advised

thf Trotskylsts had formed avery secretly into small compartmontod cells offive students. Some students call this groupthe

plans to dynamiteand


transformers at key places in Mexico City in order to interfere with Olympic events; dynamite certain bridges on the circumferential highways at times which would cause the greatest difficulties for Olympic events; seize some of the buses being used for transportation of Olympic athletes; and capture some famous athletes who are participating in the Olympics.

2. Additional information will be forwarded as it becomes available.

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