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Thai Political Ri


maneuvering iswithin the Thai regime as it prepares for next year's legislative elections.

Several government figures claim there has been littleinovernment political party because keyleaders are "hopelessly divided." Party organizers are. particularly discouraged over what they believeack of leadership by Prime Minister Thanom. They fear that with party planningirtual standstill, potential supporters will have no choice but to backparties.

Meanwhile, Deputy PrimePraphat is apparentlya personal power base in the .He recentlyof thegroup, the freeof Thailand, and hasth= go-ahead to

intendstous^Tneleaguc to the government political party.


the only viable government political organization. Other factionson Police Director General Prasert and Minister of Economic Development Pote are also lining up support but are not as far along as Praphat.

regime's failure toa common slate of candidates in next month's importantelections in Bangkoklear sign that personalare still more important than hardheaded political ictory by theDemocratic Party, the leading opposition party, could make it more difficult for the government to control theelections.

Although internal politicking will continue, some accommodation almost certainly will be worked out to enable the regime to weather the transitional period largely In addition, the regime has diluted potential opposition by delaying legislation allowing open political activity and by making timely concessions over contentious iblic issues.


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