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Executions Threaten Singapore-Indonesia Relations

authorities have moved to control popularin reaction to Singapore's execution of two Indonesianonctober.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Malik has called for restraint, and has been reported ready to assure Singapore's ambassador that diplomatic relations would not be broken. Several Indonesian leaders initially favored some form of economic reprisal, but the government appears to have realized* that such measures might be counterproductive. The Ministry of Communications' ban onto Singapore, apparently imposed without the approval of the top leaders, has already seriously affected small rubber firms in Sumatra.

Popular resentment toward Singapore rose sharply following the emotional and highly"heroes' funeral" on IB October. Indonesian Armyclaims that Communist and pro-Sukarno elementstudent demonstration intoday-long riots this week in Surabaya, East Java. Local officials were stunned by the ferocity of the rioters, who were suppressed onlyurfew was imposed and troops were authorized to use force. The rioters almost completely wrecked the Chinese business district and brought the cityirtual standstill.

Regional military commanders have been ordered to take strong action against any further of anti-Singapore and anti-Chinese emotions. have been able to cool the emotions of most student groups in Djakarta, and have been able to maintain relative calm



Thai Insurgents Active in New Areas

insurgents may be expanding their operations into new areas in north-central

Widely separated incidents have occurred during the past month in the heretofore quiet provinces of Loei, Phitsanulok, and Uttaradit. Theseorced village propaganda and lash with apatrol. An insurgenthas indicated that the

Communists view this area, which links insurgent strongholds in the north and northeast, asImportant in theirstrategy. There have been numerous reports of Communistactivity in the villages, but the recent incidents are the first indications of active armed insurgency in the area.

The new activity in the north-central area may be aided by personnel normally engaged in the northeast, where armedremainsow level. The Communists in the northeast are known to have contributed some assets to the insurgentin the north earlier this year and. Judging from theirsuccesses there, may well have decided to provide some personnel to recruit andin the north-central area. The bulk of insurgent forces in tho key northeast,

In the north, meanwhile, tribal insurgents continue to frustrate government security forces. Accordingigh-level official, they inflicted numerous casualties on army units engagedecent sweep operation, which has contributed to low army morale.

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