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A. October wagof tho quieteet loonthe experienced in Saigon ano tha outetationsong time except for tha last cay. On tha night ofctober, Tan Son Nhut received three roundss rocket fire with negligible daaage. The same night, downtown Saigon received eight roundsno of rocket fire causing two local personnel killed and six wounded.

A. October was the second worst aonth we experiencco in gunfire incitier.ts.ircraft reported gunfire inB vaircraft in October.

Totil block tine for the nonthrs whichn increaseours over last month.

d. The new Company Cafeteria laland office" business serving

primarily an American and TCN menu. ietnamese menu is served in the oldt approximatelyer eerving to hold the prlee to the established meal allowance. Because of the volume of business, it is apparent we must Oevelop another facility for our lnnigenoua personnel which cortfcrran to the same facility standards as tha new Cafeteria. The old messhali will be razed to make room for thu new Training and Operations (Administrative) Building.

Coat reductionig aubject here inm gratified by the enthUaiaahr shown by all departments andm confiaent we willignificant contribution to this important program.

ba were vleltea by Tropical Storm Heater onndabile Some of our peraonnel experienced flooding and long power cutages at their hoaea, the Air America area waa virtually unaffected,

JJ Facilities Development,

rf.Form Fs have oeen obtained for the Tranamitter Building and the Revetment We expect work'to commence on botli projects in the near future.

e.Work on the Utility Tunnel to the new GMD Complex ia in progress.

t.Appropriation requests have been approved to relocate the Bh office tc the new rtMD Building and to provide an Emergency water Supply for thaomplex. .The relocation of the BH Cfflce will alleviate the over-crowding which exists in the Flying and Operations Departments. Form Fa are being obtained for the Emergency Water Supply.

o,An appropriation request is being developed to rehabilitate the old

carpenter shop to house all functions of the Pir--onnel Office. This will further relieve the pressure in our existing Administrative Building tnd will permit the Accounting Department to spread outora efficient working environment. This will be an In-heuse project which we hope to start In the near future.


The month of October la thankfullyith hopes, but little expectation that November will see an improvement in the bina on flying time ll&itations. It seems that no mattor how much effort goes into programming and planning the flight schedule and leave program, we continually fall behind the proverbal eight-ball. Por one thing, our pilote Just refuse to understand that it is vital to the operation that they only get alck when they are programmed tor sick leave, not Just at their convenience. In allthe schedule hae been so tight at the end of the month and will be amplified as the end of the year approacnes, that in oeveral instances only because the customer did not request the standby aircraft, were we able to atay aa close to tho specified reatrictiona as we die.

/Jinorale le about minimum aatlafaetory. The same probleme mentioned in past /reporte atlllactor, and it would aerve little purpose to reiterate them individually. Suffice to eay, they have not cleared up nor improved appreciably,

clt seems that the coordination and cooperation with maintenance hasefinite upswing and if the trend continues, and there is no reason it should not, the whole station cannot help but benerit. Mutual assistance, dlacusaiona and constructive crlticlam have replaced most of the "Just critieiee" that both eloee have been guilty of in the past on accaalon. hopefully thla new trend will grow and expand.

o.The sudden announcement of the MFCsed avny of the pilote that were away from Saigon considerable concern. As it turned out, very adequate and liberal provieiona were made by tha "powers that ba" for these people to convert their "old* for the "new". For those in Taipei and elsewhere still holding the old issue, it may cone back to value. Just like tha Confederate Dollar.

Flying time for tha month waa upours as compared to September, lotale by aircraft type are ae indicated.



VTB - - 96

0 - 71


above flgurea, ae compared to the contractual agreement,uch more interesting outlook,

PC6 - ?

+ 5

VTB - -

ello + 81

c,0niy in the DHC4 did we fly leea than contractual minimum the flight time standards are groaely affected by this overage. Thes here and ve will meet it.

hours for Tan-Son-Nhut wore extended tho latter part of October to allow In-country flights to arrive as latend intemntional flights. With these extended curfew houra Department heads are studying means of eventually returningull three shift operation. Us became more coot conacioua last month and suggestions were submitted to the Base Manager as to how we would do our share fcr overall cost reduction. If the political situation remains stable wo can forecast profitable months to follow.


carried Vietnam Aircraft arrivals SOU Aircraft departures 3GS Cargo carried VN

, U7

Frequency (See attachment A)

Time Report (See attachment B)

4 Incidents (See attachment C)

Plight Tlae Contract




Block Tlae

Hatardoua Time

Lege Passenger




: CAL i



+ 42 3 0 3

6 3 Non-Revenue


+ 43

+ 07


a. It can be demonstrated that all ccaaaunications peraonnel have received extensive crose-training within their individual limitations ana capabilities in the various facets of Base oommunlcatlona activities.

g This croas-trainingirect bearing upon Management'e proposed cost earing and possible reduction-ln-force throughout the various departments of the company as far as Soigon 3aee communications is concerned. Alll ough we do not deem it practical to reduce our present number of communicationa personnel due to the ever-increasing workload placed upon this department

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