Created: 3/1/1969

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Moreuided missile ot rocket launching* occurred on foreign test rangesn Iht USSR, these launching* were mainly cither ballisticguided missiles or space-related vehicles: the nonCommunisi launchlngs were primarily of scientific sounding rockets.

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report presents intelligence derived8 launch-rclnled iciivilies. and consists of an analysis of these activities with respect to lhe major missile and spaceetailed appendix provider launch- statistics for each test range, launch-related facts snd activities and data on launches In categories other lhan those of ballistic missiles or space vehicles.

This report has been produced by CIA. It was prepared by the Foreign Missile and Space Analysis Center and coordinated with the Office of Scientific Intelligence. The cutoff date foris

Thehort-range ballistic missile syslcm has been developed for Israelontract with the French aerospace firm of Avlons Marcel Dassault. Research andflight testing has been conducted on the lie du Levant Missile Test Range, in southern France, during recent years.

firings undoubtedly occurredthemNo details arc

otal of aboutissiles outevclopmcnt/prcduction block ofissiles reportedly have been test fired lo date, and the remaining seven missiles were scheduled to be shipped to Israel. No furtherlight testing in France is anticipated, but the Israelii undoubtedly will be obliged to flight test Ibc missile before the syslcm can bedeployed.

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