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Central Intelligence Bulletin


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Central Intelligence Bulletin


Vietnam; Situation report. (Page 1)

Laos: The government's effort to recapture Muong Soui shows signs of floundering. (Page 2)

Elonduras: Fighting on the border creates fears of invasion in Honduras. (Page 3)

USSR-KNPC: Positive Soviet response (Pageest Germany: Party overtures (PageSSR: Lunar probe (Page 5)



)ietnam: Recent evidence indicates thatsome infiltration by enemy troops during March

documentsorth Vietn five infiltration group entered the pipeline in recently found in Quang sortie of the troops bega Vietnam in late March, down in infiltration wa

and prisoners suggest that amese troops, organizednd slatedorps, March. Infiltration passes Nam Province indicateo move southward in North several days after theelieved to havo begun.

the discovery of the previouslygroups, the weight of evidence still indicate! that there have been relatively few troop departures from North Vietnam since April.

On the military front. Communist activityweekend continuedow levelVietnam. Indications persist, however,enemy is preparing for another spurt ofthe near future to climax the so-called "Julyphase." The evidence suggestsib}c* earlierill consist largelyhit-and-run shellings, some interspersed

with light ground probes.

Jul 69

Intelligence Bulletin

Laos: The government's effort to recapture Muong Sout shows signs of floundering.

Government troopsumber ofhill positions within two miles of the base late last week, but little progress has been made to follow up these gains. At least one close-in position has since been lost to the enemy. Bad weather is severely curtailing airwhich the government heavilyisthe Communists to truck in supplies andreinforcements from the Plaine des Jarres.

Meo General Vang Pao is considering committing additional battalions to breathe new life into the Huong Soul campaign. harp Communisthowever, appears to beatter of time. In recent days enemy troops have been moving in on Bouamuerrilla base north of Muong Soui, and Xieng Dat, where neutralist troops have been holed up since retreating from Muong Soui two weeks ago.

Government leaders, meanwhile, are apprehensive about what they regardrowing threat to the royal capital of Luang Prabang. The Communists have rebuffed the government's attempts to clear the lower portions of the Nan Ou Valley and probes have been made as far south as Pak Ou on the Mekong River.it is too early to tell how serious the flurry of activity is, three North Vietnamese battalionsto have moved south from the Nam Bac area for this campaign, raising the possibility that themay intend to isolate Luang Prabang.

The Communists also appear to be making some ef-fort to play on the fears of the Lao leadership.

Hanoi has duciJr: to step up CM

pressure inparteans of ex-ercising levorage in the Paris talk*. J

Jul 69

Intelligence Bulletin

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El Salvador-Honduras Dispute Complicated by Armed Clashes



Elonduras: [Fighting has broken out along the border and there is concern in Honduras that this mayrelude to an invasion.

Salvadoran and Honduran patrols clashed Sunday morning at El Poy and press reports indicate that fighting was resumed in this area innmall Salvadoran force reportedly penetrated Honduran territory and was repulsed with four killed. This had been the first actual clash between troops of the two countries and the first combat deaths reported since El Salvador brokerelations onune,

Honduran medical personnel have been sentfrontier, and Honduran President Lopez has in-

dicated that troop reinforcements will also be In addition, units from homethe capital and San Pedro Sula have reportedly

been moved toew miles of the border.moves, however, are defensive in nature.j

Fears among the large Salvadoran community in Honduras can be expected to increase in spiteonduran pledge of protection renewed onuly. Many of these Salvadorans may join the more0 who have already fled Honduras. ontinued exodus would further complicate efforts to defuse the situation, and would reinforce pressures onivadoran President Sanchez for an invasion.


Jul 69

Central Intelligence Bulletin



USSR-EKDC: Tho Soviet Union has respondedUS request for additional enlargement of the Eighteen Nation Disarmament Committee he Soviets had earlier indicated that they would be opposed to more than one additional country. Onuly, however, they agreed in partS proposal calling for enlargement by five countries. The Soviets will accept Pakistan on its own merits rather than as an ally of the US to be balancedoviet ally, and have also indicated that they would now be willing to include another Latin American country. Further negotiations lie ahead, but the Soviet response suggests that Moscow

isis prepared toinal agreement on the en-


est Germany: During the past three months the Hungarian Communist Party has responded cautiously but affirmatively to overtures from West German Social Democrats to expand informal contacts and to discuss bilateral political problems. This process has avoided governmental involvement,the attitudes taken by both sides could, in the future, form the basis for official negotiations


Jul 69

Intelligence Bulletin


USSR: The mission of the most recentundetermined, butthat it may return samples of lunarthe USSR cannot be ruled out,



Jul 69

Intelligence Bulletin


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