Created: 8/15/1969

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Sino-Soviet Border Clash Increases Tensions

latest publicized clash on the highly volatile Sino-Soviet border appears to be the result of the high level of tensions that now exist rathereliberate prelude to enlarged military The exchange of protest notes onugust indicatesis ifl the largest clash since the incidents last March on tha Ussuri River along the easternof the frontier, but tha im-ir.edi.ate military crisis appears to be over.

The exchange is one in aof armed incidents that have occurred along this stretch of the Sinkiang-Kazakhstan border. Last Juno the two sides exchanged charges of an "armed intrusion."

Peking was the first tothe clash in an apparentto portray the Soviets as tho unreasonable, aggressive party in the dispute. Each side almost immediately protested the incident, however, charging the otherpreplanned attack." The Chinese later onugust accused theof continuing to "amass troops' in the area and "incessantly"on Chinese frontier guards.

ard protest style. There have been none of the large-scalein China thatPeking's reoctionthe incidents in March, and

Moscow's propaganda coverage has been unusually subdued.

Other recent developments also suggest that neither side wishes the inflamed borderto get out of hand. seven weeks ofthe Chinese and Sovietsorder river navigation agreementugust. Thereoortedly made no reference to the larger territorial claims Peking had been prossino on Mos-

ther side is likely to compromise fundamental positions, however, and questions of nationalcould lead toelatively minor The latest clash can only increase tensions in the border situation and add to itspotential.


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