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Sino-Soviet Border Confrontation Eases

shooting has beenin the area of theisland in the Ussuri River on the Sino-Soviet border sincearch, and the situation there appears to have stabilized. military attention to this sector of the border has remained

During the past week,.has shown little interest in continuing propagandaof the border conflict,.and probably believes it has alreadytrong case regarding ownership of the island. Chinese commentary on the clashes has all but ended and there have been no anti-Soviet demonstrations in China for almost two weeks.

Soviet propaganda output is still voluminous with theargely on patriotic themes. There isinthift in focus from the disputed island

to the larger issue of border Onarch twonewsmen orivately informedthat aon the border situation was being prepared that would expressillingness to discuss broader boundary demarcation problems as wellolution to theover the disputed 'island.

Although no"statement has yet come forth, Moscow mightillingness to negotiate intoropaganda The Russians, however,realize that Peking wouldoviet recognitionh century^ treatiesfrontiers as "unequal treaties" beforeinto any borderhinese Foreign Ministry statement onarch denounced Moscow for refusing to concede this point during the boundary talks esult, any serious dialogue on borderseems unlikely. Spring floods will inundate the islandew weeks and reduce the chance of further clashes.


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