Created: 5/9/1969

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INTELLIGENCE ACCNCY Directorate of intelligence 19


Tha^jjborat'ion Front's How Peaoe Proposal

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Tha Vietnamese Communist, haveDi;of the Vietnam war? Their goal remain., as before, the unilateral withdrawal oforces and the replacement of the present gov.

1 on the US and proposal was

wrapping that conapicuoualy avoids attack the South Vietnamese Government. The newthe Communiats' desire" to regain tho propaganda initiatlvo from Thicu and topportunities for creating confusionT"aynon-Communiat political elements In Saigon.e.., the public dialogue which ha. taken place betwoon

S^'V h" now "rved JSvi them hSth

nJh other's direction. Both .ides hav.forth the terns undor which they would agreeoLittcal

2. In essence, the National Liberation TrontHein Principle,

the SIaoks to ellminatg


wiinarewai of OS and other freo world forces, which at-fll

must be complete and unconditional. Theof North

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This, memorandum wa. prepared contribution, from the Department concura it.

by CIA, with of 6tate, which



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No ForjiPgn Dissem

6. umber of omissions appear to be intended toofter line toward the South Vietnamese Gov-ernir.ent and its constitutional structure. Thus, the Front statement mokes no demands for the overthrow of the "Lackey puppetn conspicuousto tho emphasis placed on this demand in thezont program. By this omission tho Front appears to be suggosting that the 6outh Vietnamese Government can be included among the "political forces- that are tothe establishmentrovisional coalition This impression is reinforced by theof discrimination against thoso who hove "cooperated with ona sidu or the other" snd the absence of roferences to "repentance" in one form or anotherrecondition to oqual traatmont. Although the Front'does insist on adherence to "peace, independence, and neutrality". This wording is sufficiently vague that it does not necessarily oxclude the South ViotnAmoso Government/ it wouldallow such political forcos as the Alliance, the militant Buddhiata and virtually overy other disparate Vietnamese politician to participate. Point five may alao have been intended to suggeat that the negotiationsrovisional government could take place while US forcea are still in country,oaso-fire would

be in effect. Thie wculd alaoirst for the'Com-muniste.




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