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New Thai Government is Formed

were no major changes in theman cabinetby the King onarch, the final step in forming the government specified by the new constitution.

There were some shifts among the leadership but the key posts remained unchanged: Thanomthe Ministry of Defense, Praphat continued as deputy prime minister and minister of the snd Thanat remainedof foroign affairs.

Pote Sarasin, the regime's top civilian, was alsoeputy prime minister, presumably to help offset the government's military cast. The army's role in the cabinetevertheless, substantially increased by the inclusion of three additional generals.

In addition to providing political continuity, the new cabinet may provide somewhat better government; several aging members of the old cabinet were replaced with younger, professional administrators. The leadership, however, refrained fromthe often overlappingfunctions that have plagued so.many domestic programs in the past. It also missed an opportunity to broaden itsbase by failing to include opposition elements in the

Earlier this month thecleared its only potential obstacle in succeeding itself when its candidate was elected speaker of the popularly elected lower house. With the support of independent members, whosethe government in turn helped elect as deputy speaker, tho regime demonstrated that even with its mere plurality, it couldorking majority. Although the outcome was never in serious doubt, the election indicated that the independents, some of whom had been sounding out the possibility of working with the opposition Democrats, would side with the government on important issues. At the same time, however, independents have made it increasingly clear that theyto exploit their pivotal position between the government and the oerrocrats.

The strength of theand the tactics it willmay become clearer when the government presents its major policy positions to thenext week. The government is not expected to make anyshifts in these policies, although such issues as relations with the US and the government's stand on corruption may spark sore lively discussion both in the legislature and the press. (COM -



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