Created: 3/4/1969

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SUBJECT : DANANG Station Monthly Report for9

The aonth of February proved to be another productive aonth in the area of facilitlee laproveiatnta. Much of Uie work in the operations/ administration building haa beenhe moat significant outstanding project is the installation of signs. ew have been received froa Saigon and installed, however many nore reaain on order and their arrival is expected within the aonth of March.

Continued emphasis has been placed on preparing the ground In the area of the nose hangar for concreting. Excuvation to the desired depth was accomplished by the USAF grading (after their normal duty hours} and dirt removal by the Civic Action Group who were in need of dirt fill. Forme have been laid for concreting3 ft which will extend from the preaent ramp to the nose hangar. Onof this section the process will be repeated until area is completed to the edge of the perimeter drainage ditch. Actual pouring of concrete is expected to beginarch and construction will continue through this reporting period.

Painting of walla and ceilings in the old hostel continues. To date all rooms in the main building have been painted, but one complete room and the wallsecond in the back rooms remain to be done. thle, planned are: interior woodwork painting, tiling floors in all back rooms, painting showers, banging curtains (in backanging pictures, tiling floors in back showers and painting dlvidere. Target date for completion of the above had been eet forut due to the first day of TET falling. Cn Monday several workers failed to report for duty cn the following Friday It Saturday, and preeumablyull weak of holidays, thus causing project completion date to be slipped, fork schedules were further hampered due to the airfield being closed to Vietnamese peraonnel on both Sunday and5a results of the recent attacks on the cityand Airbase.

While hostile activity was unexpectedly quiet during the TET season the anticipationeality oo the night ofebruary, action that night throughout the area resulted4 hour curfew on the Airbase which waa later revisedforpersonnel) with in town curfew being revised. anile Danang curfews do not normally pertain toCN personnel, it haa been highly recommended that only esaential travel be conducted, until the situation Improves, by these catcogory of personnel after curfew houra.

Eeadlino for the renewal of tha Company USA credit account waa aetebruary. Thla waa accomplishedimely manner, after the approving authority had ascertained tne Coepenys authorised participation aod Cephas Lacd the Company'sn prohibitina Illegal traoeectlons of theee duty free products, and reminded that rooureasnt would be authorised only for items to be used in South Vietnam.

Cue to the TfcT holidays, and tbe local activity wblch followed, theee were fewer epportunities for visiting personnel to observe tbe etatlon under normal operating conditions. Still,ew visitors did arrive aad we hope they benefited froa their visit with us as we profited by our visit with thorn.

One signifleant change which transpired during this period was the asalgnaent of CM Jack Burton, onh. Thla isecond tour of duty at Casang and we have every reason to talieve that ve will experience tbe came flae performance that be displayed during his first tour.


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