Created: 4/4/1969

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ABM/SGS arrived in DaNang onarch after one week TCS at Nha-Trang aa Acting Station Manager there. At the moment he is finding the DaNanguch aore complex environment (over-all) to because adjusted to VS Nha-Trang because of geographic considerations and tbe Lsoense scope of adlltarv operations in tbe area. Otherwise tho level of AAM operations appears to be quite similar.

It is obvious ay predecessor has done ouchhort period ofimprove our facilities. Three major projects remain to beof the open ramp area around the nose hangar andthe hangar lean-to to provide an efficient workingthe Chief Mechanic, hia staff and also automotivefunctions have been "capping out" forof our remote VHP/UKP facilitiesneeds

stimulated action. In coordination withlsvill be done.

Less strategic to our local situation is our Snack-Bar operated by the Air Force NCOtood cleaning up plus more space to configure itore efficient and pleasant facility.

With the completion of the hangar lean-to, cited above, and the moveauit of the Chief Mechanic's office froa the Administrative Operations Building, we will be ln position to correct this problem.

Meanwhile the equeese is on the Air Force management to improve their standards.

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E. J. Theisen ABM SCN/DMC Acting SZ/dmg

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