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SUBJECT : DAK AFC Station Monthly Heport for9

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The undersigned arrived on station onpril and assumed Acting Station Manager duties upon tho departure ofonpril.

Hostile activity was limited to one incident,aa rockets vera launched against tho city of DaMang during the evening ofpril, two of which impacted on the airbase. Casualties were reported as twelve Vietnamese killed, thirty wounded, and one American wounded. Ito company property or personnel were physically affected by this attack; one rocket did partiallyietnamese houseards from the Air America facility. riefing by USAF Security it was learned that those attacks are usually launched from an area formedeven and eleven kilometer radius from the city.

0 AM on. military aaaiaition/bomb dump located on the southwest perimeter of the airbase was ignitedrass fire causing explosions which continued for approximatelyours. The control tower was evacuated in the early afternoon0 pound bombs started to explode which resulted in the base being closed to air traffic except for take-offs at pilot's discretion. Two Air America flights were cancelledotal revenue loss of two hours. Our fixed wing aircraft were moved to the northeast parking ramp and theB parked adjacentSAF revetment. Only minorcloaage was sustained by company structures which has all boon repaired; one piece of shapnel did land on the ramp. Ho personnel injuriee were reported.

The air base was closed to all Vietnamese personnel onpril for no apparent reason since the activity from the ammunition dump had completely subsided. Thooe personnel who were able to report for duty performed admirably, handling eleven additional and special flightselay.

Notification was received from the American Consul that the Vietnamese authorities intend to enforce00 hours city curfew and make It applicable to all nationalities. ist of all American and TCI personnel will be submitted to the Mayor of DaNangay aa requested, in order to obtain curfew passes. It is not known at thla time what special proceed urea might be required for our hOH crew-na?nber8.

Ten Southern Air Tranaport flights vore scheduled Into Datfang during tho aonth, however, only nine were handled by conpany porsonnel duo to oon-receiptortion of the relevant re-scheduling Message. Fortunately this flighterry return snd no maintenancedeveloped. It ahould bo pointed out that these flights doignificant burden on station personnel when they arrive after normal duty hours, especially cn the Traffic Department when round trips are scheduled.

In the area of Facilities Development, tho contract for theof the Kit) Hose Hangar loan-to has been signed and the contractor should conocnoe work during the last port of hay. Final plans for tho completion of tho hangar aecessway and work area paving have been formula tod and hopefully funding will bo approved for thlo project in the not too distant future.

The estimate for asking city electrical power available to tho facility has been received and prellainary reporte indicate that customer funding for this work nay be rapidly forthcoming. The completion of those threo projects should alleviate all the major problems at this station concerning facilities.


The only significant problems voiced byQH customer during the rconth concerned the performance3ervicoo at Da-'Jang and Security for tho Ground Service warehouse. The capability for performing these services is in the process of being established and should bo available by the end of May, although personnel supportCS basis from Saigon will be required for each ono. Thesecurity problem will be examined in detail upon tho arrivalecurity Team from Saigon in mid-Kay and two Ground Services Utility positions are being presently held vacant for possibleto guard slots.

Overall, rapport with both customers remains excellent. PI3CA1,

One time clock has been received, but installation and use is being deferredisit from KPA/OGf* in Kay. AH/DHG willetailed briefing on timekeeping procedures required inwith this equipment and It is possibleequirementimekeeping clerk may generate.

payroll for the month totaled: Wf Petty cash expenditures for the month totaled: VH


rievunue flight tlcn decreased6 hrs aa coopered to Kirch. VN-COU5 flying waaours respectively, revenue loa aea during April aar* th* lowest to date, primarily dus to good weather.

Tho following is tho break-down of flight tine generated by this station during April:


hevenue losses for the aonth are broken down as followss





* Two flights were cancelled onay duo to tha air base being cloaed during the afternoon,


Tha Motorola reaote VHF relay sye ten was installed at the Jtonkey Mountain site onpril, It cannot as yet be considered operational Bines there have been but aix days when it has worked properly. Core race during thee* tines has been excellent, and it appears that the effeetire range of the equipment approached ISO nautical idles, ALSU and Motorola personnel visit tho site at least twice weakly to nake adjustments on the equipnont and the probleaa being experienced are considered noreal.

Lncooing and outgoing neaaages08 respectively. TRAFFIC

TheI customer office located in th* COLES warehouse was completed onpril and is planned for occupancy ony. This nova will vacate one Large office in the administration building whioh nay be utilized for expanded passenger processing facilUiee. The first


COKDS contracted Continental Air7 cargo flight arrived onpril and during the aonthuch flights were handled by Traffic Ground Servicee. otalepartingrriving flithta wore handled.

Passenger and cargo statiatlco for the nonth arc ao followsi





In Pas sonars Out n Carro lAit


One Third Country National employee had to delay starting his annual leave due to non-receipt of his exit/re-entry visa and extension of stay. Thla preblea is expected to be coetpounded in hay and could result in the re-*ehedulLng of sons leave plana. Tho requisite paperwork for obtaining the above visas are presently being submitted two nontha in advance of travel, but it appears that even more load tiae io required.

Tho personnel breakdown for DaJlangtat ion during April is as follows i




aintenance delays were incurred during the conth outotaleparting flights. The nuaher of heavy servicee totaledeclineroa the previous aonth. There were no engine changes and two aircraft wore grounded for parte. KGJDotal6 nan-hours ofere utilized for hostel maintenance. AH work on tho noee hangar was caapleted with the Installation of overhead flourosccnt lighting. eplacement cylinder head for the CMC truck was received but was found to be unusable due to hairline cracks. No significant problems were

encountered in tho realm of NSA procureacnt.

Orifiinal Signed by

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