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: DANANG Station Monthly Report for9


During tho aonth there waa one occasion in which the DaNang Air Base received hostile fire fron enemy rockets. On the nightune at leastma and lAOmra rockets impacted within the confines of the air base causing minor damage to military installations. . military fatalities were rumored but not officially confirmedesult of this attack. Several satchel charges were exploded in the City of DaNang but no casualties were reported. Company personnel and property wore not directly affected by these actions.

The DaNang city curfew was extended one hour and is now in sffect00 hours daily. The air base curfew remains00 hours for indigenous employees. No serious curfew incidents were reported during the month with the exceptionhort tern detention of one Filipino employee by Vietnamese authorities. This type ofresults fron police insistence that Third Country Nationalshould have their passport in their possession at all tines.equirement is completely untenable since employee passports are usually held by the Saigon Passport and Visa aeetlen for visa and exten-tion of stay processing. Individual letters of Identification have so far sufficed to remedy the problem but employees are still subject to minor harassment.

The number of Southern Air Transport flights declined from the previous oonthotal of six. No problems were encountered In the ground handling of these flights, but the possibility ofocal ground handling service is being investigated. Authorization fron VNAF security to permit two Vietnamese utility personnel to remain bn tha air base overnight to assist in the handling of the SAT round trip flighta scheduled to arrive during the eurfew has been requested, but no reply has been received to date. Seven such flighta are already scheduled into DaNang during July.

A Per Diem rate survey was conducted during June, the results of which indicate that the DaNang rates should be raised significantly, especially for Third Country National personnel who nay not. Government meaeee. Use of these messes by American civilian personnel was nearly curtailed as the resultACV directive which was to beuly. This directive stipulates that civilian personnel must have Field Ration Mess privileges authorized on their KACV privilege cards, but the effective date was extended to IS July. No company personnel presently have such an authorization, and since most crew members utilize one of these messes located close to the Old Hoatel, serious problems may resultolution is not reached by the above suspense date.

P*ge 2

DAJfASG Station Monthly Heport for9


ftfljo on the Station Manager's reeidanoel

fl vnewi for Another year. Although tho leeeor hod requeatedIn tha Iwbboupplementalwaa negotiated whereby tha painting elaooo In tha laaao cootract waa deleted but tha rent reaaUned constant. Thlo agrooaneit also proTldos for two sufeaequent ens year renewalswelve percent increase in annual rent.

f Lotting the lease on the Mow1aabbana b

expire Is under consideration. rhlO boats!ery low

occupancy factor but altornativoo to relinquishing thla building Bust atlll bo determined. The rent on this property Is pro-paid thru

A proposal was received fromrivate oonoeaaionaire, concerning tho assumption of tho station snack-bar operation. Certain probleei areas will nova to bo resolved, prlaarilyf elootrlo power supply and an aeoount withoaadssary,irst class type of operation,oanxlete red*oorating of the anaok bar interior Is propoaad If an agraassat can be re*chad. Th* aarvlce prooentlybyP sCO Club can only bo oonsldorod loss than satisfactory.


Bo algnlfleant problems wore anoountared in this area during ths sooth.


Construction of the Boee Hangar Lean-to Is progreselagairly'rate. The project la nearly fifty peroont eoaplste and tho contractor estlnatoo it should ho ready for final acceptance by tbo end of July.

Tho station oontlnuos to bo plagued with eleetrle power falluroo. VA generator was installed by IS AT, but It sees* to bo no sore reliable than the pre vie ua throo. Ths problaa Is very Intermittent and rarely occurs when service personnel arrive, fuel contamination is Buepeoted but unecnflrmad.

Aof unsoasonal rainre have pointed out tho strong need for paving tho unsurfaoed areas of ths atation facility, particularly that portion between the Operations/Adaloistrotlon building and ths Supply warehouse. This area was prervioualy at least graded fairly saw oth, but with tho lack ef drainage, and the heavy vehicular traffic experienced, rather large pools of water and aud have been created which frustrate any efforts to keep ths Interiors of tho adjacent buildings dean.

SlXJlCTi DAMANC Station Monthly Beport fer9 FISCAL

The station tins clock was shipped to Japan for oon rare ion to sixty oyclo operation, Implasnntationimekeeping aysten based on this piece of equipment mat be deferred until It is received.

payroll for tbe aonth totaledi

Petty Cash axpondllures for the nonth totaledi


Total revenue flight tine declined eligbtly froa the provlous aonth,55 contract flying Increased. Hevenue looses0 hours aa compared0 hours during May.

The followingreakdown of flight tine generated by thla station during June i

AIE/YK-41 1


fie venue loe eae for the aonth are broken down as follows i






The Motorola remote THP/UhT was only out of eervioe twice during the month. Although several actualdifficulties were reported, these problena have been attributed aore to weather pbanonana, terrain and other radio interference than ecpoinemnt disc re pane las.

Incoming and outgoing neeaagae49 reapeotlvely,

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SUWSBTi DAXAJG Station Monthly Report for9 TRAFFIC

c no Traffic Manager and moo re placed by Thla changeover of peraonnel mo acecopllabedin loa at loos of continuity.

Pa3longer and cargo statistica for the aonth are aa followsi





Continental Air Service* flights wore handled bypart-want during tho nonth.


Mo Information has been received from theuatoner regarding tho ungradlng of two grouDd oervioos utility aloto to Boardt was originally requested that their support for tola reeoasondatlan be coBBBjnioated directly to Saigon. The status of this propoaal will be confirmed whan their Operations Offloor returns from laa to.

Additional high intensity lights aro being installed to muadnate potential pilferage areas within tho facility. This lighting, when complete, ahould aid tho airport security guards in maintaining eurrelllano* over the entire compound.


The prooeealng of employee extant ion of stay and visa applications continue* toime consuming procedure, but tb* Saigon Passport and Tlaa section has been able to eupport th* moat urgent requirementslosly basis.

The peraonnel breakdown for DsJUng Station during June was sa follows i



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SUBJECTi BAJUHG Station Konthly Roport for9

EHD handled at totalrrivingeparting flighta, of whleh eeven of tho latter were delayed due to Bairttonanoo. There wore two engine changea and no propeller changes during the nonth. otal of nine heavy sarvloeo perforated, lnclodlagBerrloas which were eupportod by personnel TC3 froa Saigon, la tbe future, onlyervlcea onnd VTB alroraft will be perfomsd at DaXang.

HOC expanded at total0 asnhours, ofere utilised la hoatel aalntenance and painting.

Tha substantial credit axpeotod cn thenvoice waa not received, but coordination was effected with the concerned offices to delay pay-nant pending the receipt of credit on the June invoice. Overall, MSA has been vary cognisant of this problan and appears to beerious effort to resolve their Internal accounting problems.

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