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1- General - Pilot Meetings.

7 June, ngine problems were reviewed. Proper starting procedures and general operating procedures were discussed. The importance of precise legible auintonance write ups was emphasized.

0 Juno. Pilots were requested toore critical view of unusual cargo loses, and toheck of cabin loads which appear heavy or may have effect. limits.

Operational Hazard Reports were discussed. The importance of checking NCTAfiS daily before each flight was emphasised. Three Oaa's were received this month in which plloto violated closed portion, and landed against traffic when USAP Combat Control Team was directing air. Both items were listed on the NCTAH board.

Other Heatings.

Ton Son Nhut Integrated Baa* Safety Council0 June. MSAFE attended the first testing following invitation by the Base Safety Director. Agenda iteos were mainly of nilitary interest, except for the ORR reviea, and vehicular traffic hazard reports. There are an average of two air traffic pattern OMR's per week, AAM is apparently receiving nore than proportionate share of these.

accident and Incident Investigatione.

Status of Accident Investigations. Accident reports on,I have been reviewed by the Local Board and sent to Taipei. Investigation ofG haa been completed, and review is pending. This will complete the back log created by the rash of accidents during the firet calendar quarter

Incident Reports. Investigation of incidents0 ofune,fune has been completed. 0 report in Company nailuly,eportuly.

2. Safety Surest ions

Safety comments and Pilots reporta.

aptain pointed out excessive high speed traffic through AAM ramp entry gate at Danang, suggests traffic bumps be installed inroadway such as the ones at Saigon. 2 Danang indicates USAF may install the humps. Still in process.

apt McCauley was lost twice under radar control because of no transponder. Processed to DSAfEune.

II June -

McCauley again lost twice on radar on 1FA. Processed to USAPEune

Juno Captain Seale incurred serious sunuurn, fatigue, and nausea due to exposure in tha PC6 cockpit. Captain "lehrct reported sane problem verbally to HSAFE. Processed to LfiAFEune.

une Captain KcCauley reported noreproblems. Processed to BSAFEune. (This is the worst safety of flight Itea we nave at this tine, lapeller seals are highly suspect)

une . Morris was cleared bytower operator to taxiaaedlately. He was not in position to observe the runway, and applied surge of power to croas, at which tioe ha sawn landing roll. Braked heavily to avoid collision. Ihia report is being processed locally.

une Captain Vikre lest on radar approach to ISM, due no transponder, and ADP's ineffective due to thunderstorms. This situation will now pertain at Saigon during the Southwesterious eafcty of flight situation. Processed touly.

3. follow-up Action

Safety commentune has been returnedreport on status

of installation of traffic humps.

la--ity [SAFJ gj

unwoundn cruise

PIC feathered and executed single engine landing Improper rigging of link between fuelaaa and shut-off valvce resulted in loss of fuel pressure.


touchdowneft brake bad noeered a' off right side of runway, no daaage. Provable faulty seals in brake assembly, previous corrective actions included new linings, master cylinder and ayatem bleeding.




Bullet daaage reported in plitagraph L.

Left hand fuselage skin below cargomageoVby customer truck. Loading crew provided no guidance to baexing truck.

Ramp crewith bottom cowlings hanging down. d oil cooler air scoop damaged by striking tire, raployee received reprimand.

Eight hand rear panel forward of tall wheel attach found buckled and warped on preflight. Probably cauaed by fast taxi turn on rough curface.

Left hand wing tip damaged by etriking tree on approach. Still under

Cowling removed, lying under left wing.S blew cowling into left nxider,ole In fabric. No structural damage.

Sxoke emitted from right hand scoop and cowling on start. Motoring did not start engine or reduce eaoke. Mechanic used band extinguisher. Hot box duct was burned and paint blistered on scoop. Puel Inlet fitting to carburetor found loose. Further investigation by HIS requested.

Probable rock damage to leading edge and bottom of horizontal stabiliser,duringervice.


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