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Vietnanesc cccnuni.it attention to President Nixon's Asian tour Includes attacks at the Paris talks oculy by both the PRC and DRV delegates. Put only PRC Foreign Ministerinh acknovlecged--andPresident's statement In Saigon that it Is tine for the communists to respond to allied initiatives. Xuan Thuy claimed that by talking about "problems after the Vietnamresident Nixon is trying to make people believe that peace will come soon. President Thicu'auly proposal for elections in which the TOBY would portici pate way iiGnin attacked at the session on the 3lst. Andnart the communist delegates castigate Ambansadory Laa and Lodge for repenting their "unreasonable demands" for mutual troop withdrawal and "so-failed" free elections and for refusing to accept thepoint proposal.

VHA on li August reports tnat the three Aaerfcan prisoners of war, whose pending release had been announceduly, had been handed overU.S. representativeseace organization. VHAhathi Cos, Identifiedember of the Secretariat of the Viatneai Cocjalttee for Solidarity with the American people, said captured. personoel "are treated in accordance with the humanitarian policy" of the DRV.

Attention toltuition in the North includes propaganda cimsemorsti the fifth anniversary of the Tonkin Gulf incidentugust) and the coincident lHh anniversary of DRV Davy DayAugust). Hanoi also Eirtrksnniversary of "war invalidsuly) with "instrue tions" from Premier Phaa Van Dong on observance of the anniversaryU0 DAN editorial claiming good results ln implementing the policy toward war dead and disabled and their familiee.

Ha.ioi mukcts more Plains to have. planes, with the alleged downing of an unmanned reconnaissance plane over Kan Ha Province on the 6th bringing the total.

The lull In the fighting in the South is reflectedaucity of battle reports.MA itemugust claims that during July the PLAF and the people in the South "continued their unremitting and power ful attacks on the enemy in allanoi onndulyeview of the military situation byonfi" fDetermi to Win) which reportedly is also published in the July Issue of the QUA DOI HUM DAK eagaiine.

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Attention to political developments in the South includesugust LPA reportRO cornunIa.ue, dateduly, on on "ordinary session" of tht Council of Ministers oohicheport on the Perls talks from Tran Buu RIem. Reports of additional provincial revolutionary committees arc broadcast, but there are stillpropaganda claims as to the total nunber. The recent arrest of many Co personnel suspected ofartormtuniet espionage ring is treated as further evidenceolicy of terror and repressionovernment which, propagandists claim, is rent vith rivalry and disunity.

Paris Talks

h session of the Paris talXs onuly, Mae.

once ogain voiced the PRC's rejection of President

Tbieu's election proposal; and this time she called theerious one "ctemlng from the responsibility of defending

the real right toof the South Vietnam people." om 'iliuy tflt^ruauud liin "full agreement" with Wnc. Oi.nh'* analysis of the ouootion of the Vietnamese people's right of self-dctcrninatlon. Both delegates said tbe election proposal is alsed at connnliclatiandho HVN, and Vfae. Bjiih repeated^ that uropo-wl elxefeifiluiauduloiit ond void" like those ncld by the Dien regimere recently, the Thieu-Ky government. She alao claimed again that the Thlon proposals require that the South Vietno-wcc "people" lay down their tam while the GVN usckiyolice to "control" the Sho made no reference to Thieu's provision for an electoral uossttsr.ion, although thi; had previously been acknowledged and denounced.

Tic VllA account of th? r. etcys GVH delegate Phos Dangagain rehashed the shopworn allegations about the so-cair.ed proposal for free electade by Presidentroposal which "hus been laid bare and flatly re.ltcted" by tho PnG and DRV. It notes that Embassador Lodge also "repeated his old arguments aimed at dolling up"roposal and that he "responded negatively to the logical ardpoint proposal of the HFLSV and "tried to dodge the demand" for on unconditional troop withdrawal.

ugust Liberation Radio commentary cloins, inaccurately, thatllied ambassadors ath session said "the last concessions" had been offered. Kae. Binh in her presentation noted the President's remarks in Saigon tliat the allied side has gone far enouph to open negotiations leading to peace and that now it la the other aide's turn to respond. She vent on to denounce the United States for continuing and intensifying the war, adhering to Its "positionolonialistpposing the legitimate demands of the Vietnamese people, and "unceasingly" obstructing the Pnrlo tnlks.

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Juan Thuy did not acknowledge the President's remarksettlement, but VHA notes that he said the trip to Saigon was clearly "of no use for the settlement of the South Vietnam problem." VHA says Thuy Manalysed Hlxon'n latest deceitful allegations abouthich by dealing with questions that would arise after'the Vietnam war "were designed to make believe that peace would come soon." Thuy charged that this wasrafty move to appease Americans and world public opinion."

U.S. "OBSTRUCTIONISM" Both the PRG and DRV delegates again pointed

* to communist "goodwill" and claimed that it ie the United States vhich is obstructing progress at the talks, and this charge is repeated In the Liberation Radio commentary on the 2d. Mmy. Binh etressed those sections of thepoint solution and its callrovisional coalition govornmont as representing the correct basis on which the people can err.roan their politienl self-determination. Xusn Thuy hailed the "good win" of tho HVLRV and PRG, which had proposed the formationrovisional coalition government that will "organize and control the free general elections to eloet an official coalition government." He declared that this is the "most correct, reasonable and appropriate measure to settle the problem." Mme. Binh,efensive aside, denied as "mere invention and distortion" the view that the proposed coalition government would be the governmentingle croup or political force.

Both the VHA and LPA accounts notetfnh'n reMnrk that if the United Htatei; really wmti to nettle tho vnr, it wuut, on the bnnln of theoints, "hold direct talks" with, "the genuine nnd competent representative of tbo South Vietnamese people."

'nU.S. oostruction of the talks, Xusn Thuy stressed that

the DRV had ccce to Pariseon* willerioue attitude to find,


problem." In on appurent response to Ambassador Lodge's charge at tho

ession, on July, that the other side was unwilling to

negotiate on the basis of the proposals before the conference iuid ha-1

in fact rejected then flatly, Thuy said "we have carefully studied

and analyzede proposals put forth by the representatives of the

United States and the Saigon administration." Thuy continued, according

to VHA, that "not only refuting thesehe DRV Govern-nnnt hod

a Thiajid foralks is recurrent, it is oortained inr the PSG'nune program and was last raised by both ttno. Rlnli and DRV delegate Ha Von Lau at theune Paris session. It was also nndeeleasewar crimes" coannunio.ue, nnd by Vivj. 'Jf.nh in iui unpuhlicized Interview which apneored inORK times onuly.

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