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Ptvers Trial:

cf the accondf tha trovers trial ere Reported by TASS and

all recUo services, while the'charge. policies ere onto be tha caic these of coeaentaries. roadcast tocriticises Presidentug.ressfcr again trying to Justify spy flight* over thearids that the Powers trial, "by smashing. policy"ids all th* core necessary to the cause fior-egiao listeners ere told that Eisenhower aastrt hiva beenend devoid of ell sense of norsl responsibilityhe called

for ljVierveutioQ io the affairs of another country.

A hoa- service ccrvaontator cays It is unfortunate for Vice President Hixon, who isnervous fit" because public opinion. foreign policy is on trial, that tte Pavers case cannot be considered separately froo tbe "dirty actioas" of those uho sento the USSR.

c.eate.ry to Worth Aaerlca rays an Indirect rej-ereussion of tha Powers trial is. daftnse Dcpartoent announcementni office-for determining strategic objectives to be attacked in tha US3R.

TASS reports that the prosecutor has fleTian.uaears* iaprisonejent for Powers, Earlier hose service eonueotator notedistinction" between Powers and those who sent Mo. nd several foreigneported that the counrel for the defense, Grinev, told Powers1-relatives of his hopes that the ocvrt would sho* leniency. - -

a one of the tt rst references to popular Soviet reaction to thehooe service correspondent reports that people Ixt lctervlewcdvas oot their fault that Powers1 vaa on ti-ial and that theyreceived cucli sore pleasure froa listening lo American actors,

Hew Soviet Satellite:

Oa the Bornlng of9nnounces tbe successful launchingecood spaceship carrying two doga endo "furtherystem for oanoed space flight, safety of manned flight, and return to.

U.S. Satellite

The hone service citesUP! report that. air Force failed in un attcopt toourier apace satellite.




U.S. Air Agreement Talks;

TASS and the bcxnc service raport that the United Statessked for the 'postponement of the scheduled talks on direct air services between the USSR and the Unitod States.

DlsariLoxcDt Issue:

A home service reportheDisnroacent Coaaission'stie draft resclution approved at the final session vas afor tbe United1 "

Congo Crisis: 1 .

TASS reportostfrious incident" occurred in Leopoldvllle when. forces refused to "presenthen requested by Congolese troops occupying the airport.

A cc-eentary in English to Africa continues tc. Secretary General Eacnarskjoeld Tor directly assisting the colonialists and their henchrvm, Katanga Premier Tshonfte and says that "urgent action" oust be taken to check tbe organised drive to swamp tbe Security Council's resolutions.

Klt'cUe Eastern Affairs:

A broadcast in TurkishUOnmirET report that the Turkish Goverrc*ct intends toe secretly concluded butTurkish agreaoent. military personnel outside the Jurisdiction of Turkish courts.

TASS raports that Pieralor Khrushchev received the acting charge d'affaires of Iran in the USSR at the latter's rcouest.

Far Eastern Affairs:

A ccrsT.eal3ry in Dutch says Indonesia's decision to break relations with the Netherlandsogical outcome of the "stupid policy" "of tbe Dutch Ccvern-oent.


Powers-Trial: 'r ': ;

Satellite sources continue to stress the guilt. 'leaders in the OS incident, emphasizing that Powers himself isawn.

- AA 3


The trial has added nev feature- to the portrait, ot "warErSZAHADSAC report froa Moscowy MM, describingof_ these criminals" as "oere tools bought otcheap priee, whobsence of moral purpose oa beiug put. oneutschlandsender correspondent Leuschaer refers to Powers' statement tbat he was ecting under orders as an example of rsscist ideology that "thinking Is for tbeso at the top." He observes that since Powers livedocial order wbich Inculcates people vith "tbe ideology of cot thinking" tbe ccurt may refrain from giving bio the maximum sentence.

A PAP-revIcvcd TRtBUllA LUDU article, aZHAME article reported by BTA,TK-rcported VJCf. PFrWO article contend that the first day of his trial proceedl'igs refuted American allegations that Pcwers had been brainwashed.

East German Affairs:

ADRrVZS ZEuTSCKLAHI) articlejuestions of peaceful coexistence aid West Berlin by SKD politburo neaber and mayor of East Berlin Priedrich Ebert.

peech to CDR athletes leaving for the Olympic games. Premier Grotcvohl presented the formation of the all-German team as an example of how Ceraan problems can be solved by negotiations between tbe two states, according to ADH and the home service.

Ridiculing Chancellor Adenauer's reply to tbe Soviet protest against equipping the Bundeswehr with Polaris rockets, Deutschlandsender cccocntator Dengler contends that tbe Federal Republic has not-renounced national armed forces "because all units of the so-called territorial home defense, lU divisions of the federal frontier protection fnrce, and all police units have been withdrawn frco NATO command and are exclusively subordinated tohe hae cot been integrated into RATO, Dangler aaserts, clalaiag that all positiooa "of decisive importance" la the KATO European cwrmnd are held by former RealsInstead 'JUN Is boing morento

Polish Afrairs;

PAPew draft law on protection of criticism snd establishing penalties for libel.

Poland ond Venezuela,



AA I. -



ACERPRES and the home service describe proceedings of the Third Coasresi Oft* tbe Working Youth Union, which opened on


According to an CTECBESTVEN YBQttX "editorial reviewed hy the hemeoor organisation Iserious lag in fulfillment of th* building plan.

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