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By: Oliver Raasoy PH.AT

Published by C. P. Putnam's Sons, New2

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In J

book deals principally with the net of spies in . occupied with atonic espionage during and after World War II. As such it deals mainly with Klaus FUCHS, Harry GOLD, Julius and Ethel ROSEN'hERG, David and Ruth GREL'jNGLASS and their Soviet contacts. It makes only incidental references to the Canadian spy case as necessary.

The authorarrative style using somewhatsycho-analytical approach to the wain characters,s FUCHS, GOLD, the ROSENBERGS and the GREEN'GLASSES, going into thoir backgrounds so as to give the readerc insight into any possiblo motivation for their subsequent actions infiold of espionage.

Tho author statesuring h'orld War II as re anynidentified NKVD members swarded ovor

ostensibly as helpers in tho dispatch of lend-lease materials

to tho Soviets, and (hat asf thcoo

ccc'rct pbtlco operatives were still In tho US picking up blue-i

prints cud anything else available. They tarried aa invited guest of

the US. He also adds that during this period thereendency to

ol nnyaactloa against Soviet personnel such as NKVD agento

masquerading as industrialists undor cover of the Amtorg Trading



Ey the same token, US CP members and their activities and contacts with Soviet officials fsuch ao YAKOVLEV, GUOMOV, IVANOV, KASPEROV, KHKIFETS, etere by and large ignored except for occasional warnings by the FBI, ONI and Army intelligence. One such case cited relates to SILVER MAho operated freely both at the Board of Economic Warfare aod later at tbe Department of Agriculture despite the fact that he had been tagged by the FBI and ONI as an NKVD operative.

According to the author, Arthur Alexaadrovlch'ADAMS seems to have been the chief NKVD-MVD agent In the US as welltalinist functionary. He arrived in New York for the flret timeA as engineering advisorolshevik Commission, remaining about one year. e returned to the US, briefly, in the guise of Soviet cuto expert desiring to learn about setting up an automobile plant. i, he materialized againurchasing agent for Curtlss-Wright fighters for

the Soviet Aviation Trust. Tho author adds: "So perfectly riasked wasB arrival from Canada, that the US counter intelligence people had no notion until the fall3 that ADAMS was in the country."

Another one who arrived in the USS wasassport originally issued to Ignacynaturalized Canadian tvho had lost it fighting within Spain, He was actually in Washington whenSpy case broke. The FBI got on his trail andfrom the US without a .

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